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IoT for Fleet: Bringing Ease to Your Solutions

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According to GSMA, IoT is swiftly on the rise with an estimated 75 billion active connected devices by 2030. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad concept that encapsulates the integration of devices and sensors in enterprise solutions and applications to improve business operations. It also takes into account the deployment of intelligent systems that use network connectivity to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and create real-time insight into business operations and performance.

Achieving streamlined delivery of fleet solutions involves a comprehensive list of steps – one that may seem daunting to leverage individually – which is where managed services come into play. KORE likes to compare the deployment of an IoT solution to an iceberg: the application is what is seen above the water surface, and the details that make up the deployment are the remaining part of the iceberg under the water. The components beneath the water line can be filled with complexities with moving parts, obstacles, and disparate solutions.

Managed services operate similarly: IoT Managed Services provide organizations with behind-the-scenes support and help to achieve successful deployments.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Speeds time to market
  • Reduces complexity
  • Lessens risk
  • Improves efficiency
  • Lowers total costs
  • Enhances operational visibility

These services provide a combination of technology and support that include network, device, and connectivity management to simplify deployments.

Network Management

KORE expands traditional connectivity and wireless management by offering enterprise customers a Software Defined Edge Managed Service for loT. KORE implementations are based on software defined networking (SDN) technology, resulting in improved control, agility, and security.

Device Management

To support ongoing edge device security and management requirements, KORE offers an implementation of Mobile Device Management (MDM), tailored to the unique characteristics of loT devices. The benefits are improved security, reduced risk, and improved supportability for edge devices.

Wireless Connectivity Management

To address several of the hidden roadblocks and costs associated with connected edge devices, KORE offers wireless connectivity management services that provide a unified, consolidated view of deployed assets across all global wireless carriers.

Plug and Play IoT Solutions with KORE

KORE makes it simple to leverage IoT solutions for fleet operations by taking a holistic approach to fleet technology deployments. From hardware sourcing, certification, security management, configuration and customization services, connectivity, and fulfillment, to Global Support, KORE Fleet makes IoT deployments for fleet easy.

To learn more, download our guide to connected fleet management. Explore the types of IoT hardware and connectivity, what connected fleet management is, use cases in the industry, and more. Get the eBook here

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