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KORE Connections: Ryan Chappelle, Senior Director, Business Development

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In a world obsessed with connections, from fast streaming services, to building personal networks, to even connected cities and homes, it is the personal connections that matter the most – that is why we are proud to introduce KORE Connections. This forum is a Q&A series where our thought leaders and innovators can share their perspectives on life, innovations, and business which could help you in building your own connections. 

Ryan Chappelle serves as a Senior Director of Business Development and has been with KORE for a total of six years. He was born and raised in Nebraska (huge Cornhusker fan) and graduated from Peru State College – on a vocal music scholarship – with a degree in Marketing. After college, Ryan spent 12 years touring the world as a musician, most notably as a member of Rockapella (Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego), with appearances on the Today Show and America’s Got Talent. He moved into professional sales after pursuing music and landed with KORE. He began on the original Inside Sales Team and advanced to Senior Director of Business Development. One of Ryan’s passions is telling the KORE story and enabling customers to scale their IoT journey. 

Q: What does a typical morning look like for you?
A: When I’m not traveling, a typical morning for me is dropping my two daughters off at school, and then heading to the office. I believe in a strong work/life balance, so it’s important to me to have that time – I even block it on my calendar! From there I fill my coffee cup (VERY important) and generally start meetings by 9:30 a.m. 

Q: What is one word you would use to describe KORE and why?
A: Innovative. Not just in the products and platforms we develop, but also how we’re able to craft a deal together to truly solve a customer’s complication. I like to take a team approach in everything I do. Our CEO Romil Bahl, always says, “We’re ALL in sales.” When it comes to closing and launching a deal, no one stays on the sidelines here.  And I love that.  

Q: If given the opportunity, what book would you write?
A: This is a tough one. But it would likely be a book for people getting into the sales industry. One of my favorite things to do at work is to connect with members of our Sales Development Team. Many of them are in their first sales position. I believe in paying it forward. When I was new in sales, I had people sharing their knowledge with me, so I’ll always try to do the same.  

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
A: I would say rest…but with two daughters (ages 3 & 6), that doesn’t happen very much. I try to always catch the Atlanta Braves game, and once the first College Football game comes on, that becomes all-consuming! I’m also a huge Formula 1 fan and love having Sunday brunch at our house and inviting friends over for the race.  

Q: For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
A: There is a lot in life to be grateful for, but to me it starts with family. My amazing wife. She’s an Epidemiologist at the CDC and is incredibly supportive of my travel schedule. Also, my beautiful daughters. Professionally, I’m surrounded by mentors that have been incredibly supportive of my journey in Business Development and IoT. I speak to most of them weekly – I believe keeping a strong cadence with your mentors is important for professional growth and acceleration. 

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