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MWC Americas 2023 Speaker Spotlight: Kristie Swanson, SVP of Connected Health, Americas

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Mobile World Congress Las Vegas is slated for September 26-28 and a major topic of interest this year is artificial intelligence and how it is going to impact many touchpoints in lives and business – from carbon neutrality to customer experience. 

KORE SVP of Connected Health, Americas, Kristie Swanson will discuss how artificial intelligence can impact customer experience from a connected health perspective. Digital applications of healthcare are positioned to increase patient experience and outcomes while providing ways for the healthcare system to optimize its resources and workforce. 

The bridge between applying artificial intelligence and reaping its benefits can be forged through IoT, and Swanson explains how in her presentation on Wednesday, September 27 from 11:30 to 12:30 a.m. PDT on MWC Stage A, W231, Level 2. 

Swanson will also be speaking during the eSIM Summit about the vital nature of eSIM to the future of connected healthcare. When it comes to adopting IoT solutions in healthcare, it means connecting devices anywhere, everywhere and in a way that is simple, accelerated, and makes the end user experience seamless. For the advancement of connected health, eSIM is key, Swanson explains.

Join her to learn more about eSIM unlocking the future of healthcare on Tuesday, September 26 from 12:45-1:05 p.m. PDT at W220, Level 2. 

KORE will be at the conference all three days sharing key insights, information, and innovation. To book time to speak with a KORE expert, go here. See you in Las Vegas! 

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