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KORE Announcing Connected Health Telemetry Solutions at MWC Americas

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KORE is excited to announce new bundled Connected Health Telemetry Solutions at our exhibition at Mobile World Congress Americas. As leaders in IoT and connected healthcare, we have identified this as a key pain point in digital healthcare solutions and have created a simplified solution that can easily integrate into your existing solution framework.

What is Connected Health Telemetry?

The market landscape for connected health solutions is continuing to grow at a rapid rate due to many factors. Diversified cellular connectivity options, more affordable hardware, the pandemic, and a natural progression towards digital transformation in healthcare has created a wide opportunity to enter the market.

From mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) to decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and cardiac rhythm monitoring (CRM), having connected devices available for monitoring patient health, develop medical treatments and pharmaceuticals, and enhancing medical health autonomy is advancing healthcare at a rapid pace.

One of the most difficult challenges in connected health solutions is the secure, regulatory compliant communication of data from patient to provider. While most connected health solutions providers have their own proprietary hardware they want to bring to the market, creating the middleware to securely communicate that date is much more an IT task.

KORE Connected Health specializes in date telemetry to have your devices communicate seamlessly, compliantly, and securely so you can focus on your critical innovations and leave the technology work to us. We offer pre-integrated, remotely paired sensors and gateways, which eliminate the hidden technology roadblocks in patient-provider communications.

KORE compliance includes:

  • ISO 13485/9001
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 820
  • FDA Registered Repackaging and Contract Manufacturing Facility
  • HIPAA Compliant Order Desk
  • MDD Validation
  • EU Medical Device Law
  • GDPR

KORE Connected Health focuses on a holistic approach to solution development with a strategy to deploy, manage, and ultimately scale with security and compliance as a foundation. KORE has global coverage through more than 24 carriers and also offers eSIM for future-proof, zero-touch provisioning that allows for out-of-the-box connectivity. KORE Connected Health also provides managed services for complete lifecycle management.

In addition to that, KORE Connected Health technical experts will work with you to understand your device management needs and configure the Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform to enforce those policies. These include security, profile, and application and operating system management; as well as device onboarding and audits and reports.

We specialize in CRM, DCTs, RPM, mPERS, and medical equipment diagnostics. We can work with you closely to understand exactly what you need to streamline operations and bring solutions to market faster. From there, we can bundle exactly what you need per your business requirements, saving you from the unnecessary spend on things you do not want or need.

Schedule Time to See Us

Stop by our exhibition booth at MWC October 26-28 for snacks and a demonstration of our Connected Health Telemetry solutions! Want to talk in greater detail about your solution needs? Book some time with us! We’d love to help you reduce the complexities of your IoT connected health product.

To learn more about Connected Health Telemetry and how KORE can help, check out our eBook, "Decentralized Clinical Trials: Launch Digital Solutions Simply and Securely.

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