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Smart Cities: The Urban Digital Transformation

2 minute read

The Internet of Things (IoT) has many uses and applications, but one of the fastest-growing areas is Smart Cities. KORE and a panel of experts present on the opportunities and use cases in IoT for Smart Cities, while also addressing what hurdles might arise and how to overcome them.

The global Smart Cities market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 25.8 percent between 2023 and 2030. This is for several key reasons. First, Smart Cities use cases are myriad and include:

  1. Public transportation management
  2. Traffic management
  3. Environmental monitoring
  4. Public safety
  5. Utilities management
  6. Smart parking
  7. Smart street lighting
  8. Waste management

And these many use cases provide a variety of benefits, which is the other key driver in its widespread adoption. Public safety can be achieved by integrating cameras for monitoring streets to help prevent crimes. Smart parking can alleviate challenges in congested areas with minimal parking and smart street lighting and utilities management can optimize use to prevent waste, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Traffic and public transportation management can help with efficient routing, reduce traffic, and, in turn, reduce environmental pollutants associated with extended idling. 

Overall, the benefits are efficiency, sustainability, quality of life, reduced costs, and smarter transportation flow. 

The challenges in Smart Cities, however, can be device and hardware sourcing, resilient connectivity (particularly in congested cities), security, and capturing the right analytics. Technology and trends impacting Smart Cities include low power wide area (LPWA) networks, 5G, eSIM, and satellite for connectivity, as well as global regulations and permanent roaming. 

In the webinar “IoT in Smart Cities: Digital Solutions for a Digital Age” KORE and experts touch on these important topics and the industry research supporting the trends in Smart Cities from the recent global study from Kaleido Intelligence. 

The opportunity in Smart Cities is immense, but it can be hard to know what direction to take. Watch the on-demand recording of the webinar to learn how to achieve success in Smart Cities. 

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