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What is an IoT Core?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex infrastructure that connects devices to the cloud for analytics. It is a full technology stack with the two bookends of the solution being the device and the cloud. In between is the IoT core, which creates the path for IoT data in the field to be collected and prepared so that it can arrive in the cloud for processing, computing, and creating analytical insights.

An IoT platform also helps customers manage and monitor devices, whether a deployment has a fleet of devices in the thousands or is dispersed globally. A comprehensive and streamlined IoT core provides organizations with the ability to select their preferred communication protocol, allowing them to receive telemetry data from devices. It also provides the means for management of devices and device policies from the cloud while also issuing OTA commands and configuration update back to devices.

Additionally, IoT core also provides a secure method for data communication, as it only allows authenticated devices to access your system in the cloud, and protects the transported telemetry data with end-to-end encryption.

The Power of IoT

The use cases within IoT are manifold, many of which are rooted in supporting sustainability, overcoming traditional challenges, or create efficiencies for overall economic benefits. A few examples include:

  • Critical supplies deliveries via drone logistics: Swoop Aero is a drone logistics organization that delivers medical and other critical supplies in areas that are hard to reach or impacted by disaster. During the beginning of the pandemic, Swoop Aero delivered COVID-19 supplies to remote areas in Scotland. What would normally take several days or a week is cut down to an hour or two.
  • Soil monitoring for water conservation: GroundWorx has ground sensors leveraged in agriculture and recreation to reduce water use from golf courses around the country to an avocado farm in San Diego.
  • Biodiversity for data-driven farming: Syngenta has a global Biodiversity Sensor Project that equips farmland with sensors to drive analytics into biodiversity, which enables farmers to make data-backed decisions to support optimization and efficiency

A Powerful IoT Core to Drive Success

KORE has developed a robust IoT core, called KORE OmniCoreTM that integrates seamlessly into Google Cloud to ensure that devices are communicating securely and reliably to be computed in the cloud for analytics and action.

KORE OmniCore features and benefits include:

  • SaaS solution hosting in Google Cloud: OmniCore is designed for Google Cloud and fully compatible with Google Cloud architecture.
  • Provision: Users can onboard and activate IoT devices with the OmniCore console or APIs and new no-touch activation is available through zero-touch provisioning.
  • Securely Connect: Data communications are secured through end-to-end encryption with public/private key authentication using JSON Web Tokens.
  • Message: Send device telemetry and state information to the cloud using MQTT or HTTP protocols
  • Device Management: OmniCore offers the ability to manage IoT and field gateway devices, as well as send over-the-air configuration updates and direct commands.
  • Device Monitoring: Cloud audit logs and usage data is accessible, as well as in-console device testing for real-time diagnostics.
  • Operational Support: KORE offers its full-scale, 24/7 global services and support with guaranteed long-term support for OmniCore in Google Cloud. 

Want to learn more about the collaboration between KORE and Google Cloud? Check out this on-demand webinar from KORE. And to talk to our dedicated OmniCore team, just reach out!

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