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IoT for Good: Supporting Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has significant potential to tackle some significant challenges across the globe – whether that is water shortages, food insecurity, carbon emissions, healthcare accessibility, safety, and much more.

Hundreds of use cases are emerging to mitigate such as challenges and work toward making the world a better place and these use cases belong to a sector of IoT that KORE calls IoT for Good. KORE is proud to help support the innovators of the world through our services and solutions that make IoT simpler to build, deploy, manage, and scale.

With that in mind, we’d like to spotlight a few of the IoT for Good use cases that we have been fortunate to help whether that is through our connectivity, solutions, or analytics.

IoT for Good with KORE

Dexcom Remote Patient Monitoring During Early Pandemic

At the initial peak of the pandemic, KORE partnered with Dexcom to swiftly get an innovative solution to market quickly. Diabetes patients require multiple in-person visits from healthcare professionals to monitor blood sugar. When those with diabetes were hospitalized with COVID, this was an increased risk for both patient and provider, as well as a strain on what was a very limited supply of PPE. Dexcom came to KORE and wanted to make it possible to equip providers with a handheld device that could read the patient’s blood sugar from a safe distance without having to enter the room and use a fresh set of PPE for one patient, multiple times a day every time they visited the room. As you can imagine, it is a complicated process getting those devices ordered, equipped with the right technology and connectivity, shipped where they need to go and meeting the necessary regulatory requirements. A project like that could take an organization months, if not more. But KORE was able to undertake that in just over a week, which is exactly what this use case demanded.

Swoop Aero Takes Flight for a Cause

Swoop Aero is a drone logistics organization that delivers critical supplies in hard-to-access locations across the globe. At the beginning of the pandemic, Swoop Aero delivered COVID-19 supplies to remote areas. What would normally take several days or a week is cut down to an hour or two. It is KORE connectivity that helps keep those drones in the air.

GroundWorx an Innovative New Approach to Water Conservation

GroundWorx has ground sensors leveraged in agriculture and recreation to reduce water use. GroundWorx executives have estimated that by leveraging their sensors, users can see a 30 percent reduction in water use. Not only can this help support environmental goals of reducing water, it can save money and enhance output by providing the right amount of water needed at all times. KORE helped GroundWorx get the right connectivity so that their solutions work 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Syngenta Giving Data to Farmers

Syngenta has a global Biodiversity Sensor Project that equips farmland with sensors to drive analytics into biodiversity, which enables farmers to make data-backed decisions to support optimization and efficiency. Syngenta leverages KORE SIM cards to ensure connectivity in this global initiative.

EV Charging Accessibility for Greater Adoption

KORE has worked with Car Charged UK to help drive greater accessibility to EV chargers, and subsequently the use of electric vehicles. One of the key areas of struggle in electric vehicle adoption is having readily available chargers where they are needed. In the case of Car Charged UK, they needed connectivity that could work in underground car parks, on rural streets, or in a congested city, so they turned to KORE.

Interested in IoT for Good?

These use cases are a handful of the powerful accomplishments that can be achieved through IoT. To learn more about how KORE makes it simple to get the power of IoT from a single source, reach out, we’d love to talk. 

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