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IoT Managed Services: Enabling Successful IoT Solutions

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Deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of connected IoT devices across an enterprise and around the world can be quite a daunting task. From hardware selection and multiple carrier contracts to mobile device management, security, coverage, and global rollout, the complexities are diverse and many. IoT managed services help companies simplify these complexities while managing risks, reducing costs, and improving time-to-market for IoT initiatives.

For any IoT solution, there are seven key steps that require expert strategy, execution, and support in order to successfully deploy, manage, and scale.

  1. IoT Strategy and End-to-End Security: It is critical to implement IoT strategy from the outset to contain costs and ensure that deployments are not only successful but built to scale. 
  2. Technology Evaluation, Selection, Development: An IoT ecosystem needs to be designed based on a business’s unique set of needs. The best IoT partner will work to identify the correct architecture to maximize ROI.
  3. Connectivity, Device & Data Management: KORE connectivity options are built with purpose, agility, and resiliency, reliably tying together IoT endpoints to support a variety of use cases.
  4. Deployment (forward logistics): Forward logistics services help speed time-to-market for innovative IoT solutions while ensuring that deployments are executed seamlessly and successfully.
  5. Operations Management & Support: Management, monitoring, and support services help keep IoT solutions running smoothly and efficiently.
  6. Sustainment (reverse logistics): Endpoint issues can cause risky service gaps that can be avoided with support services, processing, device replacements, end-of-lifecycle management, and more.
  7. Analysis & AIoT: The most informed decision-making and optimization of IoT solutions come from Big Data, driven through comprehensive aggregation.

KORE: An Expert IoT Enabler

Delivering amazing IoT services is about all those little things that aren’t so little — having hardware at the ready in case of a failure, getting devices into customers’ hands quickly, and reducing the time it takes to manage a supply chain. At KORE, we know that getting all the little things right is actually a really big deal.

That’s why we offer expert IoT managed services to help companies get their devices certified and verified so they can get them to market faster, lowering the total cost of ownership. When devices reach the end of the lifecycle, we’ll wipe them completely to keep any valuable information protected, either restocking them for re-use or responsibly disposing of them.

Learn more about how to simplify IoT with our interactive guide, “7 Steps to Successful Deployment.”

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