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Life Sciences

Developing IoT Solutions for Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Clinical Trial Companies Worldwide

Drive Innovations in Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies are driving innovation and improving patient care with IoT. The KORE comprehensive suite of IoT technology solutions for Life Sciences, like data telemetry and mobile device management, help clinical trial companies get to market faster and compliantly.

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Enhanced Data Collection Mobile devices – like tablets, smartphones, and wearables – can reduce human error and provide medical-grade biometrics for eCOA/ePRO data collection.
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Improved Patient Experience Remote patient monitoring and ePRO/eDiary software reduces clinic visits and improves the patient experience – especially early on in clinical trials.
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Accelerated Solution Delivery Mobile devices make patient care more efficient and cost-effective. Deliver better care, faster, with a lower cost of ownership with IoT technology.
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Managed Services for Clinical Trials

Reduce the complexity of your IoT deployments while improving data collection accuracy.

Life sciences and pharmaceutical industry professionals are quickly adopting wireless connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to simplify the patient experience, improve quality of care, and create a positive impact on patient outcomes. Connected mobile devices and wearable technology make patient data collection more efficient and cost-effective during clinical trials. Bring new research treatments to market faster and improve the overall patient experience with a full range of managed service solutions like endpoint lifecycle management – including device procurement, configuration, kitting, shipping, disinfecting, and warehousing – and advanced wireless connectivity and failover options.

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Mobile Device Management for Regulatory Compliance

A proven partner ecosystem helps ensure your solution is compliant throughout the lifespan of your deployment.

KORE has tailored a Managed Services suite designed to make developing and maintaining IoT life sciences solutions easier than ever. Our suite includes end-to-end project management, consulting, and comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) – specifically built to meet the unique patient privacy and security requirements of the healthcare industry. Clinical Trial companies can improve and enhance data collection with custom controls from KORE – resulting in lower risk, reduced costs, and improved efficiency in the operation and execution of clinical trials.

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Connected Health Data Telemetry

Secure Communications Through Data Telemetry

KORE bridges the gap between devices and your application with integratable data telemetry. Not only do we build the infrastructure for your data to be communicated securely using your encryption keys, KORE also provides a unified platform so you can make sure all the devices in your ecosystem are working properly.

IoT Logistics for Better Visibility, Control and Compliance
Preserving, protecting, and managing the assets that matter most requires an advanced IoT logistics solution that can keep you in the know from source to final destination.

Lower risk, reduced costs, and improved efficiencies

Work with us for the perfect combination of wireless connectivity and network management, mobile device management, as well as deployment and logistics services. Combined with our upfront solution design and consulting, we ensure you can deliver your solution faster with a reduced total cost of ownership.

Make sure your critical medical supplies move securely

High-level visibility, analytics, and condition monitoring through KORE Critical Asset Monitoring means your equipment and drug therapy supplies move through the supply chain securely and reliably. With mission-critical assets, blind spots can cause crucial errors, KORE can help.

Streamline operations for clinical trials

Leveraging the most advanced IoT knowledge and expertise in the industry, we remove the challenge of sourcing MDM, connectivity, validation, kitting/shipping, and returns to cut through the complexity so you can reach your goals quickly.

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