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Adapting in the 5G Era

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The 5G era is going to bring massive amounts of data that will power mission-critical and connected IoT ecosystems driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. The impacts of the speed and bandwidth of 5G are going to create a ripple effect for hyperscalers, telcos, and IoT providers and the best response is to build solutions with agility for the future.

Computing Needs for Massive Data Volumes

Distributed computing is going to be a leading method in managing the uptick in data processing and storage that will inherently rise as 5G and low power wide area (LPWA) networks will create. Cloud computing demands are expected to rise, with cloud spending reaching nearly $1.8 trillion by 2025, according to Gartner.

But many applications of IoT in 5G are anticipated to leverage edge computing, with Gartner stating that distributed cloud is the future of cloud computing. Not all applications require the cost of creating public cloud or hybrid strategies and bringing computing closer to the edge can help reduce costs and provide more computing accessibility in remote areas.

Telcos, hyperscalers, and IoT providers are all working to build computing infrastructure in anticipation of the 5G era, and one of the methods to build with agility for the future is through DevOps.

Learn more about this approach and how it helps create success for applications now and into the future during the Telco Cloud Forum 2022. KORE expert Jorrit Kronjee will present during a panel discussion on March 29 at 9:45 EST. Register now for the virtual event.

Monetizing 5G for Steady Revenue

With so many opportunities available in the 5G era to create revenue – whether it’s computing infrastructure, IoT solution deployments, or connectivity strategies – creating a plan to best optimize and monetize 5G based on your specific business case is crucial.

The 5G era is going to see new partnerships and new ecosystems created, and KORE expert Steven Baker will help explain during a panel discussion in the Telco Cloud Event on March 29 at 2:20 p.m. EST. Register now to learn more about the intersection of hyperscalers, telcos, and IoT providers during the event.

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