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Assessing Connectivity and Hardware Solutions

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The global connectivity market is one that is continuously expanding. According to a report published by MarketandMarkets, the global IoT connectivity market is estimated to reach $8.9 billion by 2024 – one large factor being the need for reliable, high-speed network connected devices. Achieving resilient connectivity, network management, and trusted security shouldn’t be a challenge. IoT for professional managed services can include all of these solutions and more.

From hardware procurement to unlocking comprehensive connectivity, IoT for managed services provides value throughout the entire lifecycle.

Evaluating Connectivity & Hardware in the Lifecycle

Simplifying the complexity in the hardware procurement lifecycle can offer improved security with reduced costs. You can get greater global network coverage so you can better serve customers in your field. KORE takes care of these steps in the process – including device certification and verification to get them to the market faster for a lower cost of ownership.

KORE is FDA and ISO compliant with American and European distribution centers for regulatory compliant managed services solutions. Forward and reverse logistics provides end-to-end solutions so you can focus on what matters most to the team.
Managed services for your IoT solutions can yield many benefits for your organization. Some of the advantages encompass:

  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Decrease in risk complexity
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Lower total costs

The Importance of IoT Hardware

IoT hardware plays a large role in connected devices – it essentially involves physical components such as IoT sensors and devices that enable connectivity. Smart wearable devices are an excellent example of this. The wearable device is worn on the body and runs on sensors that are triggered by a person’s movement, activity level, location, or even blood pressure.

But what is the importance of IoT hardware? IoT hardware helps connect billions of devices globally and powers them for us to use in our daily lives. Without IoT, hardware (and software) components would not be able to transmit data or connect people to business-critical information.

KORE provides comprehensive services and solutions to help you meet your company’s needs and user preferences. Our bundled hardware offerings are supported by professional managed services for plug-and-play solutions – we make it easy for you! To get an overview of our IoT hardware solutions, download our “KORE IoT Hardware” datasheet here.

The Holistic IoT Approach

According to IoT M2M Council’s (IMC) own research, roughly 40% of IoT adopters are sourcing connectivity data plans at the same time that they source hardware. What do the benefits look like when sourcing connectivity earlier in the lifecycle process? KORE is participating in IMC’s annual IoT Winter Days on March 8th at 10 a.m. ET. KORE’s Adam Cohen, Global Director of Industrial IoT, will join other industry experts to explore the approach to holistic IoT sourcing and the advantages for buyers.

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