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Case Study Video: Nova Mobile Systems

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The remote asset management market size is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6%, from $16.5 billion in 2020 to $32.6 billion by 2025, according to a recent report from Markets and Markets. This growth has been attributed to increased adoption and availability of IoT connectivity solutions, the decreasing cost of IoT sensors, and the use of predictive maintenance to reduce operating costs.

A Variety of IoT-Enabled Solutions

Monitoring and securing remote assets is a primary need of the fleet and logistics industries and there are many solutions available, such as asset tracking, vehicle cameras, condition monitoring, and more. Some of these solutions can also function together to provide even greater visibility and control over remote assets, however not all solution providers are able to bundle these services in a seamless way. 

Nova Mobile Systems is a bundled services company that specializes in IoT and asset monitoring. The broad range of services offered sets them apart from other companies serving the logistics industry, but also set them up for some challenges that required the right IoT connectivity solutions.

The Complexities of IoT Connectivity

Nova Mobile Systems faced challenges in ensuring their solutions connected quickly and efficiently to cellular networks with a variety of carriers. Slow service, difficulty acquiring SIMs, and gaps in the supply chain prompted Nova Mobile Systems to look for an IoT connectivity solutions partner to help them address these challenges.

Getting IoT devices up and running, and keeping them connected, is more complex than many might realize. KORE offers a variety of options that help simplify, automate, and diversify IoT connectivity.

IoT Connectivity Solutions and More

Partnering with KORE helped Nova Mobile Systems achieve the seamless implementation and execution they needed. In addition to providing multi-carrier IoT connectivity solutions, KORE offers a full suite of managed services that make planning, deploying, and managing IoT solutions easier than ever. These services are the difference-maker for companies like Nova Mobile Systems.

George Ecker, Founder and CEO of Nova Mobile Systems, specifically called out the KORE relationship managers for their pivotal role in the success of the partnership. “They have solved problems for us and have been very forthright and proactive in looking for solutions that would be applicable,” he said.

As a pioneer, leader, and trusted adviser in IoT implementation and deployment, KORE offers the expertise and guidance that can help companies maximize ROI and accelerate their IoT initiatives.

Watch the full Nova Mobile Systems video case study to learn how multi-carrier IoT connectivity solutions from KORE enable asset monitoring and bundled solutions.

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