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Enter the Age of IoT Independence

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Across the U.S., families and friends will gather for barbecues, firework displays, and fun summer activities to celebrate Independence Day. This is all to commemorate how colonists fought for freedom, and ultimately for better lives.

Today, another revolution is underway, as businesses are rapidly gaining independence from the complexities of IoT deployments. In the “colonial” days of IoT, organizations were often constrained to selecting a single wireless technology and interfacing with one brand of routers or other connected assets – think of it as the “King George” approach. The early days of IoT taxed the business’ budgets, capabilities, uptime, and go-to-market schedules. Now, organizations have the freedom to utilize the best services, hardware, and software for their unique business and technical needs.

Today, businesses are now able to choose from multiple wireless carriers, including backup and roaming options. With secure, global, managed connectivity solutions, they now gain unprecedented reliability and redundant cellular coverage that ensures uptime and business continuity.

Developers also have greater independence with devices. IoT innovators can design their own connected hardware device or leverage existing off-the-shelf options. And for those building their own hardware solutions, the path to device certification can be significantly reduced. Navigating the certification process can take weeks or months, depending on industry regulations. This can delay product launches and create competitive disadvantages. But now, strategic partners can help businesses increase agility and accelerate application testing to drastically increase speed-to-market.

The increased availability of options are helping advance IoT and deliver tangible results for businesses in a wide range of industries, from retail to healthcare, and fleet to field services. Couple these options with a trustworthy partner, and businesses can rapidly architect, certify, and deploy an IoT innovation.

In the “course of human events,” technology has evolved, and we are now operating under a new set of rules that empowers all organizations to utilize IoT. It is a truth we hold to “be self-evident.”

Interested in declaring your independence from operational and technological restraints that prevent your organization from maximizing the power of IoT? KORE can help –  learn more.

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