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eSIM Drives Efficiency for Smart, Sustainable Energy

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The energy sector has been rapidly evolving as the world looks to shift to newer, sustainable sources of energy. The evolution of the industry brings about unique challenges as providers struggle to keep up with increased demand. The emergence of smart energy and IoT in utilities has the potential to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and conserve resources. 

According to Markets and Markets, the global Internet of Things (IoT) in utilities market size is expected to grow from $28.6 billion in 2019 to $53.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.5%. Even for companies already leveraging IoT sensors for utilities, staying up-to-date with connectivity technology and regulatory compliance can present a challenge in itself.

Obstacles to Smarter Grid Management

Stedin, a major sustainable energy provider, needed to automate and use key data for smarter grid management while avoiding an increase in labor and budget. There were a handful of obstacles the company needed help managing, including avoiding vendor and technology lock-in, as well as ensuring compliance with Dutch Smart Metering standards and new telecom legislation for utilities.

Managing network sunsets and legacy carrier restrictions, as well as avoiding security breaches, also presented challenges for the company as it worked to future-proof and optimize its grid.

eSIM for Future-Proof Connectivity, Security, and Efficiency

With IoT solutions backed by future-proof eSIM connectivity, Stedin was able to shift to a data-driven grid operation that is more efficient, while also avoiding carrier lock-in and legacy network shutdowns. The company was able to accomplish this with KORE eSIM, a global, multi-networked connectivity solution with auto-provisioning capabilities.

Stedin successfully deployed more than 1.7 million smart meters and plans to continue until the goal of 2.2 million is reached. The company is now in the process of shifting from a 2G technology meter to an LTE-M technology meter in order to stay ahead of the 2G network sunset.

The KORE eSIM Offering 

The KORE eSIM offering provides embedded connectivity with out-of-the-box global coverage. Advanced auto-provisioning capabilities ensure it’s always connected to the right network to meet the needs of any IoT project.

With a single, ruggedized SIM, IoT devices with KORE eSIM won’t be impacted by network shutdowns, ensuring the eSIM lasts the entire lifecycle of a device for a significant increase in ROI.

To learn more about how Stedin was able to shift to a data-driven grid operation that is more efficient, download the case study, “Working Together to Create Sustainable Energy for Everyone.”

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