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IoT Connectivity for Smart Agriculture

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The UN estimates that the global population will likely reach 9.7 billion by 2050, resulting in a 69% rise in global agricultural production between 2010 and 2050 according to an article from Business Insider. Smart agriculture will help farmers meet this demand through analytics and tools for greater production capabilities.

According to IoT For All, smart agriculture refers to the emerging concept of managing farms using modern technologies, including IoT, to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the human labor required in farming. BinSentry is an agricultural technology company
developing an innovative IoT solution that enables feed mills and livestock producers to effectively monitor on-farm inventory, dramatically increasing operational efficiencies.

Challenges of Rural Connectivity

Supporting connectivity in any IoT-enabled solution can be difficult, and in widespread rural deployments, it can be particularly challenging. BinSentry was attempting to manage multiple carrier contracts and plans using only in-house resources, and it simply became too much to manage internally.

Rural connectivity across a wide geographic area is ripe with obstacles. Leveraging a single carrier in such a far-reaching deployment is often not practical — or perhaps even possible. Tying together a connectivity ecosystem that is powered by several Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) means getting the most reliable coverage, no matter where an IoT device is located.

Connectivity Sourcing and Management

BinSentry was able to seamlessly manage its diverse connectivity via a powerful connectivity management platform from KORE. The platform gives a unified view of all devices connected within an IoT ecosystem so that the company can provision IoT devices, prevent data overages and unnecessary costs, and diagnose connectivity issues in real-time, helping them overcome many of the challenges it faced in connecting their smart agriculture solution.

eSIM for Smart Agriculture

KORE also provided BinSentry with its eSIM, eliminating the need for costly truck rolls when a carrier change is required. The eSIM is a ruggedized SIM that is capable of supporting multiple profiles and can be provisioned remotely, which not only makes carrier changes simple, but it allows for out-of-the-box connectivity to simplify smart agriculture deployments.

Through the use of the KORE eSIM, BinSentry can provision devices to connect to the strongest available network to avoid gaps in coverage, and if the company chooses another carrier or connectivity technology, they can provision over-the-air to avoid physical SIM swapping.

Download the case study, “KORE Supports Smart Agriculture for BinSentry,” to learn more about what happened when BinSentry partnered with KORE for reliable connectivity sourcing and management while leveraging eSIM.

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