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How eSIM Plays a Role in the Fleet Industry

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Like all industries around the world, the fleet industry is ever-changing – especially with advancing technologies and the “Decade of IoT” era, a rapid period of IoT growth, that we are stepping into. eSIM has recently become an industry standard – with Kaleido Intelligence predicting 2.4 billion devices will be connected by eSIM by 2025.

But first, what is an eSIM, and how does it impact growing markets, like the fleet industry?

What is an eSIM?

A SIM card is a physical, removable chip that is used to connect a device to a mobile network. It is what pairs that device to the specific carrier. To put it short, eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. An eSIM leverages the SIM card into a universally compatible card that can connect to any cellular carrier or technology.

Traditionally, SIM cards cannot be replaced remotely, and a physical switch is required to convert network carriers; theoretically, the device would need a different SIM card for each carrier it connects to. Therefore, eSIMs offer many benefits to both companies and their consumers.

Benefits of eSIM

Because eSIM technology can support multiple carrier profiles, the result is future-proofed and reliable. eSIM allows remote downloads and eliminates the need of physical SIM card switching. So, what do eSIM benefits look like for IoT? The enterprise and consumer models are different, so it’s important to understand both.

The benefits of SIM for IoT look like:

  • Future-proof connectivity
  • No more swapping costs
  • Simplified logistics
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Global coverage

The impact of eSIM for IoT is comprehensive, and these benefits help industries both small and large operate efficiently and are not particular to a use case or vertical.

eSIM and the Fleet Industry

eSIM connectivity brings flexibility to the fleet market. With technology that provides future-proofed, global, and reliable connectivity, choosing an eSIM for your fleet business is an easy decision to make.

You can feel secure knowing your devices are protected from evolving network technologies, sunsets, and/or service terminations, resulting in lower costs and maximum efficiency for your fleet operations. With cost reductions, you can focus more on the safety of your fleet managers, improving customer satisfaction, and better monitoring unexpected maintenance and repairs.


KORE is here to deliver your eSIM needs. We offer eSIM solutions that support flexible, future-proof IoT connectivity. Connectivity doesn’t have to be limited; KORE’s OmniSIMTM offering achieves global coverage via a single eSIM, enhancing your company’s scalability and growth. We offer two packages: OmniSIMTM Reach and OmniSIMTM Rush – both designed to best fit your business’ needs.

To learn more about our offerings and how KORE can assist your company, try our eSIM starter kit.

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