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Advantages of eSIM for Fleet

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eSIM lets users manage their connectivity remotely – no need to manually switch out SIM cards anymore. Fleets can have hundreds, or even thousands, of connected devices, these capabilities. opens up a lot of possibilities. As IoT becomes more common and 5G continues to deploy around the world, eSIM is another technology that helps maximise the connected fleet’s potential. Here are four ways that eSIM boosts fleets.

Save Time With Zero-Touch and Remote Provisioning

One of the standout benefits of eSIM is the opportunity for zero-touch provisioning. Zero-touch provisioning, also called remote or over-the-air (OTA) provisioning, means fleets can manage their connected devices remotely – no physical handling required. When it comes to switching networks, rolling out upgrades, or troubleshooting errors, remote provisioning saves fleets time.

Let’s say a fleet decides to activate a few hundred devices. With eSIM devices, the fleet just needs to activate the plan. This varies by carrier, but it could be as simple as scanning a QR code and hitting a button. This eliminates the need to wait for the physical shipping and insertion of SIM cards.

Additionally, when fleet managers don’t have to worry about switching SIM cards, they can be in a better position to leverage IoT. Massive IoT deployments require connectivity over large areas. Without connectivity, the data being collected from thousands to millions of connected devices cannot be transmitted back to a central location for processing. Reducing connectivity challenges with eSIM makes massive IoT deployments a lot smoother.

The KORE OmniSIMTM, for example, offers global connectivity across 500 networks in 215 countries that are hosted on an independent network. For large-scale IoT projects, having a centralised connectivity solution helps keep in-house operations simpler while still ensuring enough flexibility for deployed devices.

Future-Proofing with eSIM

Fleet managers can rely on a more future-proofed approach to connectivity for fleet with eSIM. Leveraging its zero-touch provisioning means that if a network sunsets or there is another need for changing networks or carriers, the eSIM can remotely change to a different carrier profile. With current 2G and 3G sunsets, it has shown that the physical need to swap out SIM cards can be a costly and time-consuming effort.

Fleet managers choosing eSIM should be strategic in selecting an eSIM. The qualities associated with an eSIM come from its eUICC (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) capabilities. While many technologies similar to eSIM will tout future-proof, zero-touch benefits, without being an eUICC eSIM, it is not a true eSIM.

The KORE OmniSIM is a true eUICC, Multi-IMSI technology that allows for future-proofed, global access to connectivity. With zero-touch provisioning, OmniSIM delivers a single-SKU approach to logistics and an opportunity for connectivity to last the entire device lifecycle.

eSIM can give fleets more options. Flexibility and adaptability are key components for future-proofing fleets. KORE is a leading partner for global, future-proofed IoT solutions that will benefit fleets no matter where they are in the digitisation process. KORE Fleet makes achieving fleet management solutions simpler through powerfully bundled solutions and services.

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