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KORE OmniSIM™ for Global, Future-Proofed Connectivity

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IoT adoption is expected to accelerate as the 5G era matures and solutions that enable IoT become more sophisticated and readily available. The technology behind eSIM is set to be a key driver in making IoT a more attainable goal for organizations and enterprises by mitigating some of the biggest challenges in IoT connectivity, and KORE is excited to widely offer its OmniSIM built with eUICC and Multi-IMSI technology.

With eSIM adoption on the rise, KORE is excited to meet the demands of this global, future-proofed technology. According to a study from Kaleido Intelligence, eSIM will connect 2.4 billion devices in 2025, compared to the 36 million in 2019.

From both consumer and enterprise sectors, the CAGR for eSIM-compatible devices is projected to expand 45 percent between 2020 and 2025, the study from Kaleido Intelligence continues.

Connectivity Challenges Met by OmniSIM

The benefits of eSIM for IoT are plentiful, but two very key areas of benefit are in global connectivity and ensuring future performance.

Global connectivity is a very fragmented ecosystem, which makes it challenging to manufacturer or distribute global IoT solutions. Especially those IoT solutions that travel, like those found in the assets and logistics industries that cross international borders.

With a single SIM provisioned to a single network, once that network is no longer available, the connectivity will drop. With KORE OmniSIM, IoT devices can be provisioned with multi-carrier technology and can auto-provision or be provisioned over the air to connect to the available network for seamless connectivity.

For IoT devices that don’t require global connectivity but are deployed in vast numbers or located in hard-to-access areas, the ability to ensure connectivity for the lifetime of a device can be a game-changer. For one, it streamlines logistics and keeps costs down for solutions.

IoT devices that are deployed for a long period of time are protected from network changes that come with sunsets or service eliminations, as well as preventing carrier lock-in. This way, devices can stay deployed in the IoT ecosystem with the option to switch carriers for whatever reason.

This correlates with costs because truck rolls to physically replace SIMs can be expensive, especially depending on the extent of the IoT infrastructure, which could be thousands of devices. And those devices that are deployed underground or in other difficult-to-access areas, it becomes a greater and potentially more costly task to replace a SIM.


With global, future-proofed IoT connectivity that is technology agnostic and provides network access worldwide, the KORE OmniSIM meets the challenges of IoT connectivity. Key features of KORE OmniSIM include:

  • Embedded or removable eSIM that is IoT-grade, ruggedized, and remotely programmable based on GSMA eSIM specifications
  • Able to connect to multiple carriers and multiple technologies
  • Hosted on the KORE independent network to enable greater control
  • Secure access via VPNs and private APNs, as well as single-data bundles via multi-IMSI capabilities
  • Zero-touch and over-the-air provisioning

KORE OmniSIM is offered in two different packages: OmniSIM Reach and OmniSIM Rush. OmniSIM Reach provides global connectivity across 500 networks in 215 countries with resilient coverage through multiple available networks per country. Powered by centralized multi-IMSI technology, you can deploy a single SIM SKU globally that supports failover connectivity by switching to another network when one is unreachable.

OmniSIM Rush provides resilient connectivity across 61 networks in 34 countries in the U.S. and Europe. This is a cost-effective solution for IoT use cases that require higher data usage plans from 100MB a month and up, and there’s no permanent roaming restriction for IoT deploying using the 901 IMSI.

Reach Out to KORE to Learn More

In addition to the OmniSIM, KORE also offers its eSIM Device Validation Tool to quickly and simply test eSIM before deployment, and ConnectivityPro™, an award-wining connectivity management platform with a single user interface to manage multi-network, multi-technology connectivity. Our suite of IoT connectivity tools and solutions, plus nearly two decades of IoT solution enablement, strategy, and development, reduces the complexity of IoT.

Try it out with our free eSIM starter kit.

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