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How to Accelerate Delivery in Fleet Tracking

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This holiday shopping season, coupled with a pandemic and economic recovery, has brought fleet management to an inflection point. Fueled by a massive surge in online shopping, with e-commerce sales in the third quarter of 2020 accounting for 14.3 percent of total sales, the logistics industry is turning to IoT fleet tracking solutions to accelerate delivery and reduce inefficiencies.

Fleet tracking solutions are helping logistics companies exceed customer expectations, increase productivity, and protect drivers with more visibility than ever before. There are a number of IoT-enabled location-based services to help fleet managers accelerate delivery through increased productivity, streamlined maintenance, and risk management.

Vehicle Location Tracking

IoT solutions for vehicle location tracking combine pre-integrated vehicle tracking devices with cellular network connectivity and vehicle location tracking applications. By leveraging IoT-enabled vehicle tracking, logistics companies can deliver value to their downstream

customers via real-time tracking capabilities that increase productivity, enhance safety, and improve security.  

Vehicle tracking helps fleet managers optimize routes for a faster, more productive operation. The result of this route optimization is more efficient, timely delivery which has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

Critical Asset Monitoring

IoT solutions like Critical Asset Monitoring help ensure safe, secure, on-time delivery for multimodal shipments across the globe. Continuous visibility and monitoring are key to achieving on-time transit, and Critical Asset Monitoring helps logistics companies anticipate issues in advance and troubleshoot delays in real-time.

Fleet Management and Telematics

IoT-enabled fleet management solutions combine pre-integrated advanced vehicle tracking devices with cellular network connectivity and a fleet management application to simplify the deployment and ongoing operational processes. By leveraging a fleet management solution, logistics companies can deliver value to their downstream customers with the promise of increased productivity, enhanced safety, reduced costs, and accelerated delivery.

In-Vehicle Video solutions for the fleet industry increase visibility into driver behavior and productivity – minimizing the risk of vehicle collisions and property damage. This risk mitigation helps reduce the number of issues that could cause delays in delivery.

Fleet Tracking Solutions for High-Performance

With real-time visibility, fleet tracking solutions from KORE help companies increase productivity and streamline maintenance, while mitigating risk and ensuring driver safety. This all creates more efficient fleet management that can accelerate delivery and avoid common issues that lead to delays.

To learn about the key challenges and technology innovations driving the next generation of the fleet industry, download our free eBook “The Fleet Manager's Guide to the Internet of Things.”

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