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How to Drive Fleet Data Further

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The global fleet market and asset market work hand-in-hand to produce a resilient supply chain industry. Evolving technologies, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and artificial intelligence (AI), can help move goods through a supply chain safely and effectively. According to a report published by Research and Markets, the global asset tracking market is estimated to reach $60.7 billion by 2027. Additionally, top companies are starting to integrate “asset/logistic management and connected device security as combined solutions.” 

Implementing successful tactics to achieve a smarter system doesn’t have to be difficult. Working through the barriers of fleet management and supply chain optimization can yield many benefits for your organization:

  • Improved quality control
  • Greater visibility to warehouse inventory
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Timely shipments and deliveries
  • Improved safety measures for employees

So, we know the benefits that fleet management and supply chain optimization can bring, but what do these solutions look like?

Cold Chain Monitoring, Sustainable Supply Chains, & CAM Solutions

Cold chain monitoring is a solution generally meant for perishable goods, such as food products. This system relies on temperature-controlled technology to transport goods to and from its departure and destination without the cargo going bad. These goods are closely monitored, regulated, and tracked to ensure safe deliveries with the help of IoT. Real-time sensors are attached to the cargo, so organizations can track deliveries based on real-time conditions, such as location and weather.

This kind of diligent management can help result in increased sustainability and reduced maintenance costs. Preventing damage on sensitive products can also reduce emissions from idle time and fuel from the vehicles, which has a large impact on the environment.

The Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) solution by KORE is a comprehensive solution that can aid with quality control, supply chain visibility, and warehouse efficiency. Fleet and supply chain managers can gain easy insight on the conditions of their assets in transportation and get detection of any possible risks. It works through a tracker that is connected to the cloud to then collect data of the environment. 
Discover smarter tracking with critical asset monitoring – learn more about our CAM offering here.

Drive Your Data Further

With growing markets and emerging technologies, it is important to be knowledgeable about different kind of solutions that can take your business operations to new heights. Want to know how you can achieve global connectivity all while attaining actionable insights to your organization? We are breaking down all things fleet, assets, supply chain, and key solutions in our upcoming webinar, “Drive Data Further with Fleet Asset Tracking.”

Join KORE’s Sunder Somasundaram, SVP of Fleet Management, and Queclink’s Manny Hernandez, Vice President, on Thursday, March 30th at 11 a.m. ET to navigate your fleet optimization.

Registration is open here!

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