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IoT-Enabled Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring

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It’s no surprise that the demand for cardiac rhythm monitoring solutions continues to grow steadily. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 17.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases, accounting for an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide. Advances in connected health technology and remote patient monitoring are driving better patient outcomes as well as efficiency and cost containment for healthcare providers.

IoT-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions pair devices, platforms, cloud storage, connectivity, and more. This technology provides innovative healthcare solutions and results in better outcomes for those with chronic conditions when used for cardiac rhythm monitoring.

Market Landscape for Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring

As one of the earliest fast-growing use cases for IoT-enabled remote patient monitoring, cardiac rhythm monitoring remains vital and the industry continues to grow. The global cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm management devices market is projected to hit $44.29 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% according to a report from Fior Markets. The report states that the home healthcare segment is expected to grow at the highest rate, due to its better convenience and comfort.

IoT-Enabled Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring

IoT-enabled cardiac rhythm monitoring provides a wireless solution to analog heart monitors. It enables streamlined remote monitoring of patients with implanted cardiac devices via scheduled transmissions and daily alert monitoring.

This can either supplement or replace in-clinic visits with remote transmissions of patient data. Patients simply plug in the transmitter next to where they sleep, and the transmitter automatically monitors their implanted device as they sleep. Patient transmitted data is uploaded to a proprietary, safe, and secure web-based data management system that is protected with industry-standard safety protocols.

IoT Managed Services for Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring

Deploying IoT solutions in any industry is a complex undertaking and it is critical to deploy technology solutions efficiently and seamlessly, especially in the high-stakes healthcare space. Filling in the gaps between getting connected health devices delivered, connected, and supported, IoT managed services is the behind-the-scenes support healthcare companies and medical device manufacturers need for an advanced, efficient cardiac rhythm monitoring solution.

IoT managed services include a combination of technology and professional services that encompass wireless connectivity and network management, device management, as well as deployment and logistics services. Combined with up-front solution design and consulting, it ensures companies can deliver loT-enabled connected health projects faster, with a reduced total cost of ownership.

Expert Connected Health Enablement

KORE provides integrated connected health solutions that include the coverage, devices, and managed services for access to real-time patient data, and the reliability, security, and reach companies need to improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

Download the case study, “Delivering the Complete Solution for Cardiac Rhythm Management,” to learn how KORE helped a top 3 global supplier for cardiac rhythm monitoring devices improve patient care while increasing medical staff efficiency and managing costs.


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