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IoT for Industrial Automation

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The Internet of Things (IoT) offers industrial organizations the ability to effectively monitor machinery that helps to promote efficiencies and limit downtime for equipment designed to drive productivity for organizations.

Having maintenance records and knowing when to conduct repairs creates a preemptive approach, so technicians can schedule routine repairs before they become costly situations that create significant issues.

By allowing remote access to equipment, technicians can gain efficiencies that promote optimal performance and maximize output that connects data and analytics designed to facilitate the production process and expedite deliverables to meet deadlines. In fact,  83 percent of organizations that have introduced IoT technology have improved their efficiency as a result.

Creating performance patterns that promote efficiency can not only save money, but it can also save time and enhance worker safety by allowing equipment repairs to be addressed before they become safety concerns or serious liability issues. Advanced analytics to address reoccurring issues of compliance in a heavily regulated environment and monitored by agencies trained to look for inefficiencies can cost organizations money. Malfunctions, equipment overload and hazardous conditions all contribute to downtime that can create a real nightmare for any organization.

Here are a few different approaches to Industrial IoT:

  • Predictive maintenance: Having scheduled maintenance reduces downtime and increases productivity and revenues.
  • Field service automation: Specialized industrial IoT solutions keep service technicians connected so preventive maintenance and emergency repairs can be made regardless of their location.
  • Predictive modeling: Analyzing industrial IoT data identifies trends and potential issues that may arise.

Learn How Industrial IoT Solutions Can Benefit You

KORE has industry experience that can provide insights to support your organization’s efforts to contain costs related to machinery maintenance issues. The ability to harness the analytics of industrial equipment has permitted KORE to not only understand the potential pitfalls but gain insight into the profitable operations behind having an effective strategy that help drive tangible results for industrial automation. 

KORE Industrial invites you to discover how IoT solutions can be designed to help manufacture actual results for your organization. Check out the KORE IndustrialProTM platform’s advanced data analytics and additional predictive condition-based monitoring today.

You can even take a quick tour to learn more about the capabilities of the KORE IndustrialPro platform.

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