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Growth of IoT: an Excellent Channel Partners Opportunity

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KORE Channel was excited to participate in the 2021 Channel Partners Conference and Expo at the beginning of November. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with agents and other channel partner programs in person to share technology industry insight and advances. KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and worldwide Connectivity-as-a-Service, was particularly excited to share news on the growth of IoT as an evergreen selling opportunity for master and sub-agents.

KORE IoT: Device, Network, Application

Selling IoT solutions to organizations and businesses is a fast-paced way to earn recurring revenue, and KORE Channel representatives were thrilled with the opportunity to share with agents how quickly IoT will be immersed in the economy – in both the enterprise and consumer sectors.

KORE Channel breaks down the IoT ecosystem into three main components, or DNA: Device, Network, and Application.

Device: KORE offers powerful routers sourced through partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers and OEMs. Depending on the use case, routers can be ruggedized for outdoor use to minimize risk of failure no matter the conditions or routers can be 5G ready for when a business wants to rollover from 4G LTE to 5G, and more.

Network: KORE offers resilient connectivity to power operations no matter the location and also offers wireless failover and Out of Band Management (OOBM). Through key wireless and wireline carrier partnerships, KORE Channel offers cellular as a primary connection or cellular (4G LTE) as a back up to keep businesses connected when outages happen. KORE recognizes that outages can cause lost revenues, impact customer service, and cause lapses in critical data backups, which is why a resilient failover connection can guard against those issues – acting as a reliable and affordable insurance solution.

Application: KORE Channel specializes in all applications of IoT, particularly in our key verticals: healthcare, assets and logistics, fleet, industrial, and communication service providers. KORE Channel also routinely provides services to retail and hospitality, financial services, and point of sale systems. We understand that every business and organization has the potential to benefit from IoT and we are able to cater our services and offerings to specific needs.

5G an Excellent Selling Opportunity

The early rollout of 5G is beginning to mature, making now a prime opportunity to begin selling 5G solutions. KORE Channel has made it a mission to educate agents on how to sell 5G by understanding how it works, the benefits, and the use cases.

How it works: Simply put, 5G is a faster, more reliable version of 4G LTE. The five goals defined by the GSMA for 5G are boundless connectivity for all; the delivery of networks with optimal economics; the acceleration of the digital transformation in industry verticals; the transformation of the mobile broadband experience; and to drive growth in new use cases for massive IoT and critical communications services. The way KORE sees it, 5G could make digital solutions highly attainable for all verticals and use cases.

The benefits: For IoT in particular, it is going to greatly enhance massive and critical IoT. Massive IoT relates to the 5G bandwidth in supporting hundreds of thousands of devices in large-scale applications, like university campuses, smart buildings and cities, and precision farming, for example. Critical IoT relates to the incredible speed and uptime of 5G, which will support applications of machine autonomy and robotics through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The use cases: Use cases with 5G can vary greatly, which is why KORE advises agents on guiding conversations by asking about an organization’s IoT initiative and how 5G can help organizations roll out branches, projects, and applications faster and at greater scale.

Get Started with IoT and KORE Channel

The decade of IoT has begun, and now is a prime opportunity to join a new market full of growth and revenue. To learn more about the KORE Channel Program, reach out, we’d love to talk! In the meantime, check out a recent webinar we hosted explaining the benefits of IoT and how to sell 5G.

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