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KORE Powers Connected Health Solution by Smart Meter for Diabetes Management

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The number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled in the past 20 years according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As the number of diabetes patients grows, so too does the need for proactive diabetes management. Connected health solutions are helping patients better manage chronic conditions like diabetes, and a company called Smart Meter is simplifying management with the iGlucose® diabetes care solution.

Today’s connected health solutions for the management of diabetes and other chronic conditions require the most reliable, timely, and accurate data transmission possible. The ability to immediately share this data with patients and their healthcare teams promotes communication and enables healthcare providers to focus their attention on the most high-risk patients. 

The iGlucose® solution provides instantaneous cellular transmission of blood glucose readings, eliminating the lengthy processes of pairing, creating manual logbooks, or downloading results. This automatic data sharing helps patients, healthcare providers, and families stay well informed and actively engaged in diabetes management.

While there are many blood glucose meters available on the market, there are only three blood glucose meters that have cellular connectivity and are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of the increased need for diabetes management, there is a significant opportunity for connected health solutions and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. Smart Meter knew that selecting the right partner to deploy this solution would be critical to its success and partnered with KORE to overcome the hurdle of reliable connectivity for the smart meters.

Smart Meter’s mission was clear: to create a very accurate, low-cost blood glucose device that is cellular connected. The cellular connectivity piece is one that they know they had to get right, so they leaned on the wireless connectivity and connected health experts at KORE to overcome challenges as they moved towards the first mass production of their 4G diabetes management devices.

Smart Meter needed a partner who wasn’t afraid to work with a small company and that would be able to make decisions quickly in a rapidly-changing environment—characteristics that were demonstrated by KORE early in their engagement. One of the biggest challenges faced by Smart Meter was the short timeframe between partner contract finalization and the initial manufacturing deadline. Rising to the occasion, KORE promptly shipped 10,000 SIMs that were received within five days of signing the contract.  

In addition to providing secure, global connectivity, KORE also helped Smart Meter procure and certify devices, as well as recommended various other partners to help Smart Meter solve myriad business problems. The wide array of services and additional resources KORE provides for connected health solutions helped Smart Meter speed the time-to-market of their innovative diabetes management solution.

Watch the video to hear from Dick Kane, Director of Operations at Smart Meter, how KORE helped Smart Meter rapidly deploy this new technology:

Cellular Connectivity Drives Innovative Connected Health Solutions

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