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Overcoming Business Challenges with eSIM

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The need for robust, secure, cost-efficient connectivity for IoT solutions is driving the adoption of eSIM technology across a number of industry sectors. A 2020 report by Grand View Research predicts the global eSIM market will grow to $24.96 billion through 2027. When looking to maximize returns on IoT investments, companies should be aware of the business challenges that eSIM can help overcome.

Managing Multiple Carrier Relationships

Because of the difficulty in achieving global IoT connectivity, it becomes necessary for businesses to manage multiple carrier relationships — an increasingly complex undertaking that makes it nearly impossible to penetrate new markets. An eSIM technology solution offers a single SIM that streamlines managing those carrier relationships with a broad vendor ecosystem, unlocking the global connectivity needed to grow IoT solutions worldwide.

Carrier Roaming Restrictions

The unreliable connectivity caused by carrier roaming restrictions can have a devastating impact on mission-critical applications in the event of network disturbances or lack of coverage. eSIM technology enables universal compatibility with all cellular carriers and technologies, ensuring that all IoT applications have the coverage they need.

Disruptive Network Shutdowns 

New and evolving network technologies result in disruptive shutdowns that have the potential to cause application downtime if migration isn’t completed in an efficient manner. Truck rolls for physical SIM swaps can result in exponentially high costs as well and are avoidable with eSIM technology thanks to its ability to gradually switch to emerging network technologies.

Harsh Field Environments

Some operating conditions where IoT applications are needed are simply not conducive to traditional SIM cards, with vibration, dust, and more potential for damage and interference. eSIM solutions offer embedded soldered SIM that can be sealed air-tight, making it a safer choice for hard field environments.

Lack of Security 

Traditional SIM cards do not stop device thieves from removing an existing SIM, but eSIM makes the process much more difficult. Managing eSIM profiles is secure, and tracing a stolen device with an active profile is relatively easy. In addition, embedded SIMs help prevent tampering which is not achievable with traditional SIMs.

eSIM Technology from IoT Experts

KORE is a trusted IoT advisor and independent leader in eSIM technology, helping businesses simplify the complexity of IoT connectivity. The KORE eSIM solution offers global, flexible, future-proof connectivity that supports multiple carrier profiles and remote SIM provisioning.

To learn more about eSIM technology, download our free eBook “eSIM 101: An Introduction to eSIM for IoT.”

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