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Podcast: Implementing IoT Security by Design

3 minute read

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling people and businesses alike to connect and share data in new and exciting ways – sharing this data means more automation, personalization, and innovation. Think about fitness trackers and smart homes – two prime examples of how IoT can help simplify our personal lives. For businesses, IoT can reduce risk and improve quality control through things like asset monitoring and tracking. But, as IoT adoption increases, so do the security risks businesses can encounter. For many businesses, IoT security hasn’t been at the forefront of their minds when deploying a connected solution – and, in doing so, they’ve put their business at risk. Retrofitting a security solution is challenging and time-consuming. By adopting a security-first mindset, organizations that want to leverage IoT can more comprehensively protect their users’ valuable information.

Chris Francosky, Senior Vice President of IT and Security at KORE, recently sat down with Shelby Skrhak, host of Marketscale’s Industrial IoT podcast, to talk more about building security measures into your IoT solution from the outset of your project. With over a decade of experience in corporate security, Chris is a pioneer in designing integrated security tools for IoT deployments.

As the first in a series of collaborative podcasts between KORE and Marketscale, Chris and Shelby dive into the history of IoT security as well as his background and experience in identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities for businesses. Chris also shares an overview of his framework for security by design – the way he hardwires security measures and mechanisms into software or applications early on in a project. He also explains the potential implications and long-term benefits businesses can expect by dedicating time and resources to these preventative measures early on.

Check out the full podcast, “Steps to Implementing Security by Design for IoT,” to learn:

  • Why IoT solutions are especially vulnerable to security breaches
  • The five steps to effective threat modeling
  • What needs to happen after deployment to keep your solution secure


Want more information on way KORE can help protect your IoT solution? Check out our security solution offerings or talk to an IoT security expert!

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