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Simplifying the Complexity of Fleet Management

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Fleet managers today face a myriad of challenges, including but not limited to rising fuel costs, managing fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, ensuring operational efficiency, and lack of visibility. The increased demand for improved operational efficiency in logistics and transportation is certainly accelerating the growth of the fleet management industry, which is expected to exceed $55 billion by 2026. 

Innovative IoT solutions are helping fleet managers face these challenges with more ease than typical GPS tracking and vehicle routing previously offered. Such innovations include AI-enabled in-vehicle video, stolen vehicle recovery, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and more. While these solutions help solve many of the pain points of fleet managers, adopting new IoT solutions can be a challenge in itself.  

IoT is Complex 

There’s a reason why nearly three-quarters of IoT projects fail — because deploying, managing, and scaling IoT solutions, inducing those for fleet management, is a difficult, costly, and complex undertaking. With so many cutting-edge innovations in IoT fleet management, it may be difficult for fleet managers to navigate the solution choices, all while ensuring they have the right connectivity, devices, platform, support, and services to meet their needs.  

By working with a quality IoT partner that can provide all the capabilities needed, fleet managers can rapidly identify key business objectives, reduce development time, and deploy IoT fleet management solutions that can help them improve operational efficiency and gain the visibility they need.

Keeping It Simple 

Reliable, secure connectivity bundled with innovative tracking devices and expert professional services help to accelerate speed-to-market and streamline operations when deploying IoT fleet management solutions. A single-source provider like KORE keeps it simple for fleet managers — one vendor, one contract, one support team, and one platform.

KORE integrated solutions and partnerships for fleet simplify IoT complexity so you can focus on your core business while reducing the total cost of ownership, maximizing returns on IoT investments.

A Bundled Solution

KORE Mobile Connect is a bundled solution consisting of a tracker and cellular connectivity that provides fleet managers with a turnkey solution for quick deployment. Ideal for fleet telematics and stolen vehicle recovery, Mobile Connect is perfectly suited for use cases such as location tracking, route optimization, fuel management, buy here/pay here, fleet assets, and personal vehicles.

Download the free eBook, “The Complete Guide to Smart Fleet,” to learn more about how IoT solutions can help mitigate the challenges faced by fleet managers.

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