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Solving the Complexity of Hardware Management

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Aligning a new IoT solution to your current business structure comes with its challenges – and hardware management is no exception. According to a recent Kaleido Intelligence study, 84 percent of non-cellular IoT adopter respondents reported that hardware design is a leading challenge in the industry. However, consider IoT hardware as a whole: procurement, inventory organisation, security solutions, device certifications, and more. An abundance of levels requires trusted carrier relationships.

As the IoT industry continues to advance, the majority of global revenue lies in applications, platforms, and professional managed services. GSMA Intelligence predicts this market will be worth $900 billion in revenue by 2025. When choosing services that best fit your business case, GSMA breaks the revenue segments into three main categories: managed services, systems integration, and consulting, with managed services leading the way in IoT initiatives.

What are IoT Managed Services?

IoT for professional managed services include technology that encompasses wireless connectivity, network management, and logistic services. This system ensures that IoT projects are delivered faster at a reduced cost. For example, minimising device delivery time and having hardware ready in case of failure are both small pieces that are critical in the larger IoT puzzle.

The benefits of IoT Managed Services provide value throughout your entire project lifecycle. Some of the benefits look like:

  • Time-to-market
  • Decrease risk complexity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower total costs

Hardware Procurement and Forward Logistics

Simplifying the hardware procurement process is easier than it seems – it can offer greater security at a lower cost. With accelerated deployments that maximize IoT investments, solutions such as mobile device management (MDM) help monitor and secure your devices. MDM solutions also strengthen security, minimize risk, and overall optimise operational performance.

Not only are your devices enhanced, but you get greater global network coverage so you can better serve customers in your field. KORE takes care of this all – including device certification and verification to get them to the market faster for a lower cost of ownership. KORE is FDA and ISO 13485/9001 compliant with

American and European distribution centres for regulatory compliant managed services solutions.
Forward and reverse logistics provide end-to-end solutions so you can focus on what matters most to the team. KORE configures, tests, packages, and ships the hardware and devices for you – that way everything is set to go. We manage the complexity of logistics, so you operate business as usual.

Serving the Enterprise

The Kaleido Intelligence survey touches on a high-level overview of key features, challenges, and technologies in the future of connectivity. KORE joined IoT Now and other industry experts in a recent roundtable, “Serving the Enterprise: The Cellular IoT Connectivity Opportunity”. To learn more about this industry survey and enterprise views towards hardware obstacles, download our eBook.

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