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Top 3 Use Cases for LoRa

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LoRaWAN is an emerging wireless protocol for IoT connectivity that features longer range, enhanced battery life and lower cost. LoRaWAN falls under the umbrella of low power wide area (LPWA) networks and it is noncellular, which makes it more applicable in certain IoT use cases. LoRaWAN is a scalable solution that can be used on any device and in any scenario, from small scale deployments with hundreds of sensors up through large installations with thousands or even millions of nodes spread out over many miles.

The following are three of the top use cases for LoRa: 

1. Smart Cities

A smart city is an application of IoT that uses technology to improve the quality of life of its citizens. It can be used to reduce pollution, increase public safety, and improve efficiency. A smart city also improves sustainability by using renewable energy sources and reducing waste.

Smart cities use IoT devices such as sensors to collect data about traffic patterns or air quality in order to make decisions on how they can improve their infrastructure systems. By collecting this information from each sensor, cities are able to create maps showing where there are problems in specific areas so that they can send out workers who will fix those issues quickly before they become serious problems later on down the line. This allows cities' officials more control over what happens within their borders while also helping them keep track of where money goes since everything has been tracked electronically from start-up costs until completion date or the end of the device lifecycle. 

2.Smart farming

Smart farming leverages IoT technology in a host of ways to supports sustainability, increase crop yield, and monitor livestock health. Sensors can be integrated, specifically, to:

  • Monitoring crop health
  • Monitoring soil health
  • Monitoring water levels in the soil, or even underground water supplies
  • Wind speed
  • Temperature and humidity are also important factors when it comes to plant growth, so you can use sensors to monitor these as well

The more data derived via condition monitoring the more informed decisions farmers can make regarding their crops and livestock. 

3. Connected Home

LoRa is an ideal technology for the connected home. It can be used to monitor and control devices, such as smart lights and locks, from anywhere in the world. For example:

  • You can turn on your coffee maker from work before you arrive home
  • You can set up motion sensors throughout your house that will send alerts when someone enters or leaves a room. 

See How KORE Can Help

KORE is an expert at connectivity deployments and management, including LoRa use cases. KORE has developed an E2E Service Delivery platform KORA specifically for LoRa deployments. KORE also offers carrier grade LoRaWAN connectivity using Private and Public LoRaWAN networks To learn more about how KORE can help you get started with LoRa, reach out. 

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