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What is eSIM for Enterprises?

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Global enterprises require devices to operate no matter where they are located in the world, which can be an extreme challenge across a wide ecosystem of carriers. A connected device might need to work with multiple carriers across its lifespan and any device that is internationally mobile will need to switch carriers as it moves, as well.

Two of the major benefits of eSIM for enterprises is this technology’s flexibility and security:

Flexibility with eSIM for Enterprises

Flexibility comes in several forms when considering eSIM for enterprises. The first major capability of eSIM for enterprises in relation to flexibility is zero-touch provisioning.

Over-the-air (OTA) provisioning allows SIM profiles to change remotely. If a thousand devices in Germany need to switch network operators, then a manager in the United States can manage that remotely in a matter of minutes.

Carrier profile switching can also be managed through a user interface through an API that is fully automated through rules, so it can be incredibly simple to manage OTA provisioning. 
The ability to have a single SKU that can be provisioned to specific carriers also helps provide significant flexibility in logistics management both in ordering, shipping, and receiving. 

Device Security through eSIM for Enterprises

From a physical standpoint, the security of a device can be slightly enhanced because some eSIM are soldered to your device. From a technology point of view, however, eSIM that are enhanced with the GSMA standard IoT SAFE do offer more security.

IoT SAFE leverages the SIM as the secure element in the device, which helps to standardize device-level security – an area that has been a traditional struggle in IoT. Many IoT devices have limited resources and adding a secure element would represent high component cost. For devices that have an existing SIM, IoT SAFE provides an off-the-shelf solution that provides chip-to-cloud security with secret credentials staying in the SIM.

Zero-touch provisioning is a benefit for eSIM in both a large-scale global approach to device set-up, as well as security. Zero-touch provisioning allows for devices to be configured to a network remotely through a network switch.

If thousands of devices are being deployed at once, zero-touch provisioning is very beneficial to this key segment of Massive IoT.

From a security standpoint, zero-touch provisioning can be integrated with IoT SAFE and cloud services to provide holistic security from chip to cloud.

Capture Enterprise Success with eSIM

Whether your organization is deploying, managing, or scaling IoT, eSIM is a unified approach to global connectivity that offers the flexibility and security so you can focus on your core business. The KORE OmniSIM suite of solutions includes the award-winning OmniSIM SAFE equipped with IoT SAFE. 

The KORE OmniSIM offering comes in two packages: 

OmniSIM Reach provides global connectivity across 502 networks in 202 countries with resilient coverage through multiple available networks per country. Powered by centralised multi-IMSI technology, you can deploy a single SIM SKU globally that supports failover connectivity by switching to another network when one is unreachable.

OmniSIM Rush provides resilient connectivity across 72 networks in 37 countries in the US and Europe. This is a cost-effective solution for those IoT use cases that require higher data usage plans from 100MB/month and up and there‘s no permanent roaming restrictions for IoT deployments using the 901 IMSI.

To learn more or to try it yourself, check out our free  eSIM starter kit

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