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Why Network Management Platforms are Key to IoT

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Deploying and scaling a sophisticated IoT solution can be complex, time consuming, and — if not managed properly — costly. For the last two decades, IoT adopters have successfully launched solutions and seen significant benefits, but the path from conception to deployment has not always been easy.
Fortunately, as we enter the next 10 years of IoT acceleration, many tools and services have become available that make IoT adoption much simpler to implement.

Network Management Platforms

Network management platforms are crucial for IoT solutions. In many IoT use cases, thousands of devices are deployed across a large geographical area, such as in utilities, industrial, or agricultural solutions. Others are in motion, such as fleet and supply chain logistics IoT use cases. Either way, it’s difficult to comprehensively monitor real-time network communications at the device level.

While many devices are not highly complex in these use cases, usage monitoring, troubleshooting, security patches, and system updates are often required for an optimized and secured infrastructure. Being able to monitor each device within an IoT solution to make sure it is communicating as expected helps an ecosystem run optimally.

Network Management Platform Benefits

A comprehensive network management platform will be able to provide a host of functionality to help streamline solutions. Many platforms allow for the following:

  • Network monitoring: With the ability to monitor network traffic in real-time from the top down, troubleshooting and diagnosing unexpected issues on the network and device level is made much simpler and more straightforward. Issues such as interruptions to communications, outages and much more can be viewed from a central hub before service interruptions become critical.
  • Additional security: Anomalous communications patterns or IMEI changes could mean a security threat, and with a constant network monitoring platform overseeing all devices within an infrastructure, it’s much easier to identify the issue and offboard a device quickly when needed. Some network monitoring tools allow for complex rules to be set for specific events and further trained to take action.
  • Accelerate initial deployment: Development and testing can go smoothly and more efficiently when handled through a unified platform. A platform that is offered as part of a connectivity bundle enables an out-of-the-box approach to deploying, and later scaling, IoT solutions.

KORE SecurityPro™ a Powerful, Comprehensive Platform

KORE SecurityPro is an award-winning device, network, and security management platform that provides users with visibility down to the device level to mitigate security threats, manage usage, device configuration, real-time traffic monitoring, set rule-based alerts with actions, and much more.

Deploying, managing, and scaling IoT solutions can be faster, simpler, and more cost-effective with SecurityPro. Check us out to learn more about SecurityPro.

Want to learn more about IoT security? Check out our eBook to see why security should be top of mind when deploying IoT solutions.

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