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RallySafe Case Study: Pervasive Vehicle-2-Anything Connectivity Enables Safe, Engaging Rally Racing Experience

Discover how RallySafe is using Automotive IoT solutions from KORE to meet new federal regulations.

In the past ten years, interest and participation in rally sport competition has dramatically increased. This popularity growth has also, unintentionally, lead to a higher rate of injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. To make the sport safer and mitigate future risks, new regulations, requirements, and procedures were put into place. In addition to new vehicle licensing requirements and specialized safety equipment, these regulations mandated the need for the latest integrated in-vehicle GPS and communication technologies. For leading rally management system, RallySafe, this meant exploring their automotive IoT options.

The team at RallySafe quickly realized that legacy 2G cellular networks lacked the technological capabilities they required and that traditional connected vehicle communication solutions wouldn’t fit the new regulations. And because there was no high-speed cellular or modern vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) connectivity options, they would have to rely on one of two options: upgrade to a proprietary GPS-based service or fall back to legacy short-range radio-frequency (RF) communications. GPS options at the time were cost-prohibitive. RF options lacked the ability to perform in unpredictable weather situations or handle large numbers of competitors in larger areas. Neither was a scalable or satisfactory solution.

As they explored new solutions, RallySafe also saw an opportunity to transform the way in which these races operate. If they could find the right connectivity at the right price, they could improve overall event management while simultaneously meeting new federal regulations.

Discover how KORE helped RallySafe implement:
  • An all-in-one rally solution
  • Real-time GPS positioning and hazard alerting
  • High-speed V2V communication
  • Accurate and timely race metrics