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Comprehensive Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solutions for Fleet | Case Study

Learn how KORE helps meet global ELD mandates with fleet IoT.

In December of 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) “ELD mandate” went into effect. This mandate effectively eliminated paper logs in favor of more reliable, accurate electronic logging devices (ELD) for all commercial drivers. For fleet management companies, meeting these new federal regulations meant leveraging the right fleet IoT solution, something they likely wouldn’t be able to accomplish on their own.

As this mandate went into effect, a global, leading provider of GPS asset tracking and monitoring solutions saw an opportunity to replicate their success in oil, gas, and natural energy industries and penetrate the commercial fleet space. With their company’s core competency in application and software development, they would easily be able to pivot their existing solutions in worker safety, communication, data collection, and reporting to create a fleet IoT solution that met federal regulations. Although they were able to successfully launch their tablet-based Hours of Service (HOS) application, they lacked the internal resources and experience to create a comprehensive ELD solution.

To fill the gaps in their resources and skill sets, this company looked for a partner and trusted advisor to help them procure, manage, and integrate many critical components of their ELD solution, including network connectivity, devices, and other managed services. Rather than just looking for a company to do it for them, they were interested in finding a partner to help them navigate their options and guide them to the right solutions.

Find out how KORE helped this company:
  • Accelerate their speed-to-market by filling the gaps in their internal resources
  • Select the right devices and connectivity options to launch their comprehensive ELD solution globally
  • Build a managed services partnership to ensure long-term success of their solution, from procurement to endpoint lifecycle management