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Top Three Industrial IoT Opportunities Driving the 4th Industrial Revolution

Download this guide to understand industrial IoT trends driving the 4th industrial revolution.

Industrial IoT technologies are empowering organizations to transform business operations by enabling the digitalization and automation of legacy procedures and equipment, thus facilitating a rapid evolution of production and delivery processes. This rapid evolution is a primary driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) – described as the increased use of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including the emergence of cyber-physical systems – which like the first three industrial revolutions, is revolutionizing the modern economy. Those who fail to embrace the changes brought forth by 4IR will struggle to remain competitive in an evolving industry, resulting in significant demand for industrial IoT solutions.

There are several emerging opportunities available for industrial organizations to solve business challenges and improve operational outcomes with industrial IoT solutions, which enable the ability to continuously monitor equipment, implement predictive maintenance, optimize warehouse and workplace efficiencies, and collect IoT data to derive valuable business intelligence. In this guide, we explore three of the most promising industrial IoT use cases that IoT providers should consider to better serve industrial customers. We also explore the steps you need to take to implement these technologies and to successfully overcome common barriers to adoption.

Download the KORE guide to:
  • Access detailed information on three of the most promising industrial IoT use cases that organizations are adopting
  • Understand common challenges that industrial organizations face when seeking to implement industrial IoT
  • Gain actionable insights for alleviating these challenges and successfully delivering the solutions your customers need and demand