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IoT Insight Report: Connectivity and Carrier Management

Learn more about how to optimize your IoT connectivity management in this insight report.

Best practices for IoT connectivity management – and the associated management of the carriers providing connectivity – is critical for any organization looking to succeed with IoT. The challenge, though, is the sheer number of different IoT connectivity technologies that are available to organizations, which range from cellular, to satellite, to Bluetooth, to LoRa – just to name a few. For many businesses, cellular connectivity is the most efficient solution due to its nearly ubiquitous coverage and ability to connect a highly scalable number of devices over vast geographic regions. However, even within the narrowed realm of cellular technologies, there are myriad capabilities and options that businesses must navigate to achieve success.

The first step of IoT connectivity management requires identifying and evaluating the various connectivity capabilities that are demanded for a specific IoT use case. The technologies, capabilities, and requirements are so diverse for optimal solution performance, with no one-size-fits-all connectivity solution. Key factors to examine include bandwidth, battery life, throughput, and mobility support, but these are just some of the most critical network needs.

To help organizations navigate these complex technology choices and select the best IoT connectivity provider for their project, this IoT Insights Report — featuring expert insights from KORE Vice President of Product Management, Steven Baker — provides actionable information for businesses looking to deploy connected solutions, successfully implement IoT connectivity management, and engage the IoT partners they need for long-term IoT success.

Download the KORE IoT Insight Report to discover:
  • The various types of IoT connectivity technologies, and considerations for selecting the optimal solution
  • Key factors that are important when engaging an IoT network connectivity provider
  • Some of the common IoT connectivity management challenges that businesses face, and suggestions for alleviating them
  • Insights on emerging technologies such as eSIM and Multi-IMSI and the role they play in IoT