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IoT Insight Report: Application Management and DaaS

Learn about emerging IoT applications and strategies in this expert insight report.

IoT solutions are comprised of many different complex technologies and components, however, it is the IoT application that transforms raw data collected via connected devices into useable, valuable business intelligence. The application is the IoT solution layer that most businesses interact with, enabling users to visualize and understand the information that the solution delivers. In order to achieve this, though, organizations must implement the right IoT application management processes, which involves retrieving IoT data, processing it, storing it, and converting it into actionable insights.

There are several approaches that businesses can take to IoT application development and IoT application management operations, and the optimal strategy will be dependent on the specific IoT use case and unique business challenges an organization is seeking to solve with IoT. In this IoT Insights Report — featuring expert insights from KORE Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Tushar Sachdev, and KORE Vice President and General Manager of Location-Based Services, William Sandoval — you will learn more about the importance of IoT applications and development, IoT application management, and how you can leverage IoT data to derive greater value from connected solutions.

Download the KORE IoT Insight Report for more information on:
  • Emerging approaches for application development and application management
  • The various types of IoT data that can be used to derive valuable business intelligence and deliver “Data-as-a-Service” offerings
  • Real-life use case examples to illustrate these concepts
  • The role of a trusted IoT partner for implementing application management and DaaS