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IoT Innovations for Alleviating IT OT Convergence Challenges

Learn how to overcome challenges with IoT technology solutions in this ebook.

Organizations across industries have long relied on two realms of technology to execute mission-critical business processes: Information Technology (IT), which encompasses networking devices and other infrastructures that store, secure, and exchange electronic data, and Operational Technology (OT), which is associated with monitoring and controlling equipment and performance. Although these groups are largely reliant on each other, OT systems have traditionally been manually implemented with no digital controls, making it extremely difficult to integrate the two domains. Enter: IoT technology solutions.

As IoT expands, connected devices, sensors, and wireless systems are becoming more intelligent, providing the IoT technology solutions that businesses need to integrate, automate, and monitor previously “unintelligent” OT systems to enable convergence with IT domains. In our guide, “IoT Innovations for Alleviating IT/OT Convergence Challenges,” we explain each of the critical components required to deploy an IoT technology solution that bridges the gap between IT and OT systems and tools. From IoT endpoint devices all the way through to specific user applications, we demystify the role of each component in the complete technology stack, explain how to each interacts with the next, as well as deliver actionable insights for successfully deploying IoT solutions.

Download the KORE guide to:
  • Understand each element of an IoT technology solution
  • Gain insights into how various IoT components connect and integrate with each other
  • Learn how to successfully implement IoT to merge IT and OT domains and enhance operational efficiencies, streamline working environments and processes, as well as generate valuable business intelligence