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Three Ways IoT Is Driving Innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Download this ebook to learn how IoT is helping revolutionize logistics and supply chain management.

The era of declining brick-and-mortar shopping and increased online purchasing is apparent. Business Insider reported that an estimated 6,400 stores closed in 2017 alone, and more are shuttering in 2018. The popularity of the e-commerce market, which is valued at $2.3 trillion globally, is certainly a force with which logistics organizations must contend, but Internet of Things (IoT) technology is helping to reshape and reinvent supply chain operations with valuable location-based tracking services, asset monitoring solutions, and innovative, process-oriented enhancements.

As the process of delivering goods to consumers grows increasingly complicated, IoT solutions are uniquely positioned to revolutionize the logistics industry completely. In fact, many of these practices have already been implemented. From routine upkeep of valuable assets like delivery vehicles and refrigeration units, to more complex human capital and performance metrics, IoT is making the entire process more seamless and streamlined – giving you the ability to focus on growth and investments.

Download the eBook to learn how IoT can improve:
  • Overall supply chain effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Inventory and warehouse efficiencies
  • Automated and predictive maintenance