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The Truth About eSIM: The Top 5 Myths – and Facts

This guide walks you through the top 5 eSIM myths - and facts.

IoT solutions are now capable of reaching to the farthest corners of the earth – but, to do so, those devices need to have reliable, global cellular connectivity. Enter eSIM technology. Unlike its earlier counterparts, eSIM offers businesses the opportunity to remotely provision their carrier profiles. eSIM truly holds the promise of unparalleled connectivity and opportunity for IoT solutions everywhere.

But there is still so much that you might not know about eSIM. For example, do you know the difference between consumer eSIM and eSIM for IoT? Is it the same as Multi-IMSI? What exactly is eSIM capable of? These are some of the most common things that are misunderstood about eSIM. But don’t worry! Our team of experts has the answers. We’ll cover these questions and more in this handy guide to the myths and truths about this emerging – and exciting – technology.

eSIM can do a lot – but it might not be for everyone. Don’t let a misunderstanding of the facts keep you from exploring eSIM technology as a solution for your IoT initiative. Download the guide today to learn the truth about eSIM and if it’s the right technology for your business.

We’ll give you the facts on:
  • The evolution of eSIM technology for consumers and IoT
  • The difference between eSIM, Soft SIM, and Multi-IMSI (hint: they’re not the same!)
  • The long-term financial impact of switching to eSIM
  • And more