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KORE Continues IoT Innovation with LTE Technologies

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Global Leader in IoT Software, Services and Platforms Provides Custom LTE Solutions for Every Business Need

Mobile World Congress Americas – September 14, 2017 - KORE, demonstrated its leadership role in IoT solutions at Mobile World Congress Americas this week. As the world’s largest managed network services IoT and M2M provider, KORE offers highly tailored LTE solutions for further IoT innovation and anticipates rapid adoption of embedded SIM (eSIM) technology.

LTE Solutions for Every Application

KORE’s secure, managed connectivity capabilities are led by multiple LTE options, with a range of low, mid and high wireless usage plans. KORE provides LTE options for every industry, business size and application. Through global carrier partnerships, KORE can provide customized LTE options, such as:

  • LTE Category NB1 (NB IoT): Suited for lighting, industrial monitors, agriculture sensors and smoke detectors.
  • LTE Category M1 (Cat-M): Often utilized for patient monitors, asset tracking and smart watches.
  • LTE Category 1 (Cat-1): Providing connectivity for applications such as retail kiosks, digital signage and ATMs.
  • LTE Category 4 (Cat-4): Ideal for streaming video, routers and network bridges.

Addressing the Promise of eSIM Technology

Perhaps the most highly anticipated IoT advancement is the eSIM card – formerly called eUICCs – which will allow mobile IoT applications to remotely provision multiple carriers without changing physical SIM cards. When a mobile asset, such as a vehicle, moves in and out of networks, it can rapidly switch from one operator to another, and connectivity remains virtually continuous. KORE’s multi-carrier model is well-positioned to provide eSIM capabilities in the future.

Widespread implementation of eSIM is currently a future-looking proposition, as carriers continue to develop appropriate protocols. In advance of market maturity, KORE is preparing solutions that will allow organizations to take full advantage of the technology once the appropriate infrastructure is in place. KORE’s eSIM solutions will offer businesses a number of benefits, such as:

  • Future-proofed devices, allowing them to handle new technologies without replacing SIM cards in every device.
  • Single SKU per device model, as each device receives the appropriate local profile when activated.
  • Avoidance of both roaming connectivity and the real-time management of roaming versus a local profile.
  • Utilization of cards already in use, which are available in all the form factors devices need, such as 2FF and MFF2.

“IoT innovation is at a fever pitch, with new developments happening at an exponential rate. KORE’s multiple LTE offerings provide application-specific connectivity to ensure seamless operations,” said Alex Brisbourne, CEO of KORE. “Looking ahead, our choice of carriers and world-class customer support positions KORE, like no other, to quickly implement eSIM technology for businesses as soon as the market allows.”

Visit Mobile World Congress Americas Hall North Stand No. 456 to learn more about KORE’s end-to-end solutions for rapid IoT design, deployment and management, including global, secure managed connectivity options, backed by world-class customer support. To learn more about how KORE is helping organizations to realize the power of IoT through a wide range of services, please visit: http://korewireless.com

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