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KORE, Remoticom and LIGHTRONICS Partner to Advance Smart City Initiatives

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ALPHARETTA, GA and Woerden, The Netherlands – October 25, 2017 – KORE, Remoticom and LIGHTRONICS today announced a partnership to offer IoT-enabled global streetlights and outdoor lighting solutions as a key component of the increasingly “smart” city.

Together, the companies will advance the use of sensor-based, wirelessly enabled lighting solutions to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly lighting solutions that increase safety. The joint solution combines luminary solutions from LIGHTRONICS and detection and sensor solutions from Remoticom coupled with secure, managed cellular connectivity on the KORE network.

About Remoticom

Remoticom offers, develops and produces high-quality products, gives advice and total support in the field of Smart City detection and sensor solutions. We integrate smart system solutions for many areas, such as:  safety, mobility and sustainability in residential and in industrial environments. Remoticom has advanced technical solutions in the field of Smart Lightning, Smart Parking and other Smart City segments. Remoticom aspires to provide advanced products and services in a one stop shop concept. The people at Remoticom have the passion and the experience in developing new technologies. In recent years, many different hardware and software solutions have been developed and introduced that makes cities safer, brighter and more durable with less energy consumption by making connectivity work.


Lightronics was founded in 1946 and maintains a strong tradition of solid, reliable luminaires. We are also an innovator thanks to our Research & Development department. That is why we provide expertise and quality in street and outdoor lighting, robust lighting, and wall and ceiling lighting. Our important values are sustainability and care for the environment. The strength of Lightronics lies in our added value to your lighting plan: we become involved in your project and continuously support you with ideas for your lighting plan. Lightronics is not only a manufacturer; it is also a knowledge center, with its own Research & Development department and Project Development Office. Thanks to a combination of knowledge and the flexibility of our own production facility, Lightronics is able to take on projects on a turnkey basis.

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