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The digital landscape is ever shifting, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is no different. Many of the services and solutions leveraged in IoT applications are built from IoT enablement platforms, which need to be constructed in a way that can support current and future IoT applications by being open, modular, and scalable. 

What is an IoT Enablement Platform?

An IoT enablement platform is the architecture from which IoT solutions can be built. The right unified IoT enablement platform can provide end users with the tools, technologies, and services needed to create IoT solutions that are optimized for immediate use and built with the agility to adapt to future needs. 

That is why it is important to look for an IoT enablement platform that is open and modular. This provides the ability to create an infrastructure devised of auto-elastic engines, services, and APIs for any IoT application. As more demands emerge or technologies become available, the open and modular IoT enablement platform allows for the addition of features and technologies without risking technology obsolescence or inadequate scalability. 

Functions and Benefits of an IoT Enablement Platform

A unified IoT enablement platform can host a more agnostic approach to vendors, carriers, and devices. This eliminates the more traditional fragmented approach making it simpler to deploy, manage and scale IoT. 

An IoT enablement platform can include support tools and services that streamline challenges in IoT, such as connectivity management and security and network intelligence monitoring.

Next-Gen Connectivity Management: KORE ConnectivityProTM

Built on the KORE One IoT enablement platform, KORE ConnectivityPro offers the ability to manage multi-technology, multi-network connectivity from a single user interface. ConnectivityPro allows users to order, provision, activate, and deactivate devices easily while also providing analytics into trends to help improve performance.

KORE ConnectivityPro offers the following features and functionality:

  • Real-time provisioning – Real-time, single-click provisioning to 9 SIM lifecycle states, including
    pre-billing states (to support manufacturing and pre-deployment logistics), active and suspended states, as well as inactive and terminated states.
  • Data visualization and reporting – Enables a broad range of customizable dashboards that are filterable, configurable, and downloadable. Dashboards include usage cycle-to-date, monthly total usage, overage violations, inventory status, top usage subscriptions, rate plan allocation graphs, and variable usage per device graphs. 
  • Usage monitoring – provides usage monitoring in real-time for both individual and pooled usage accumulation amounts with rules-based actions, including suspending, deactivating, or changing the rate plan of the subscription.
  • Diagnostics – provides real-time status of individual subscriptions using deep core element queries and related meta-data information, such as session status. 

Other benefits include an API library, hierarchical account management, and network traffic monitoring
ConnectivityPro is a unified approach that allows the management, monitoring, and control of IoT across a global connectivity ecosystem from a single user interface. 

Intelligent Network Monitoring: KORE SecurityProTM

KORE SecurityPro is an advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting solution that allows users to identify delice-level security breaches through network behavior monitoring and rule-based alerts. Alerts include notice of stolen SIMs, device failures, and firmware misconfigurations, among others. 

With hundreds or thousands of devices deployed in the field, it is important to have an intelligent network monitoring solution that can flag activity at the device level, which helps reduce security risks and provides a holistic approach to management to help control usage and network issues over the air. 

SecurityPro offers the following features and benefits:

  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Visibility into multiple conditions
  • Complex rules with actions
  • Endpoint management
  • Analytics reporting

Want to learn more about how an IoT enablement platform can create success for current and future IoT application demands? Reach out, we’d love to talk. 

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