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5G and AI: A New Era for IoT

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The future of IoT is exciting, thanks in large part to the adoption of 5G and artificial intelligence. With 92 commercial 5G networks operating in 38 countries as of August 2020, 5G connectivity is already making a splash for consumer markets across the globe. While the consumer hype is already there, the carrier investments into 5G also count on the network being advantageous for IoT applications as well, and there are vast opportunities for the Internet of Things to profit by utilizing 5G.

5G for IoT

Just about all industry verticals will be impacted by the rollout and adoption of 5G, and some if it is already happening now. The 5G network will power remarkable innovations in IoT, while being the new standard that supports massive and critical IoT communications.

The GSMA estimates that 25 billion IoT devices will be connected globally by 2025, with many use cases being powered by 5G including smart agriculture, autonomous vehicles, fleet telematics, connected health, and more.

AIoT: Artificial Intelligence for IoT

AIoT is the convergence of AI and IoT. Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) is what happens when devices communicating through an IoT ecosystem become devices being able to analyze and compute at the edge, which enables those devices to take action without human intervention. This is next-level intelligent data from IoT put to work.

In the industrial sector, IoT sensors can monitor the health and performance of machines. AI can then monitor and analyze that data to make the decisions for predictive maintenance, ultimately helping to eliminate unplanned downtime. This type of AI-driven predictive action and edge computing can also be beneficial in other use cases and industry verticals such as agriculture, automobiles, fleet, and connected health.

Harnessing the Power of 5G and AIoT

The possibilities of IoT when paired with 5G and AIoT are endless, as are the benefits of deploying cutting-edge technology solutions. KORE is a global IoT leader that has deployed and managed tens of millions of IoT devices and helped thousands of customers deploy, manage, and scale IoT solutions.

To learn more about the 5G, Edge and AI era in IoT, check out the on-demand webinar with KORE, Inseego, and GSMA Intelligence, “Empower the Edge with 5G and AI for IoT.”

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