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IoT Managed Services: Simplifying the Hidden Complexities of IoT

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IoT solutions are shifting from a convenience to a business necessity for many industries, and as IoT adoption grows companies are tasked with figuring out how they are going to deploy complex technology solutions. When assessing how to implement IoT solutions, businesses can choose to do nothing, do it themselves, patch together a solution from multiple vendors, or engage with an IoT managed services provider.

A study by James Brehm and Associates found that 49% of respondents stated that enterprises don’t have the proper staff in place to design, implement, and maintain IoT solutions. That makes sense, especially considering that nearly three-quarters of IoT projects fail to make it past proof-of-concept. The reason many IoT initiatives fail is because of the hidden complexities of deploying connected devices.

Hidden Complexities

Because businesses tend to be focused on IoT applications and the end-user experience, many of the challenges in deploying IoT solutions tend to catch them by surprise. Too often, they find out after attempting to deploy new solutions with in-house resources that they lack the expertise and experience to launch IoT initiatives in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Lack of expertise and resources is one of the most common obstacles to a successful IoT deployment, along with interoperability and compatibility, compliance, security risks, solution deployment, data actionability, and ecosystem diversity. Businesses most often find success with their IoT initiatives by partnering with IoT managed services providers.

Simplifying Deployments

IoT managed services providers handle the complexities of IoT with a broad range of services and expertise to streamline the process of procuring, connecting, configuring, and deploying devices across the globe.

Engaging with an IoT managed services provider enables businesses to manage risks, reduce costs, and improve time to market. They accomplish this through comprehensive device management, wireless connectivity, network management, and forward and reverse logistics.

Expert IoT Services

When it comes to selecting a managed services partner, it’s critical to work with an expert in IoT that supports the complete device lifecycle, from solution design to end-of-life. This end-to-end solution for IoT managed services allows businesses to focus on their core business and customer experience.

KORE is the behind-the-scenes partner businesses need to streamline IoT deployment. With FDA and ISO 13485/9001 compliance, and distribution centers in the United States and Europe, KORE is the partner of choice for a regulatory compliant managed services solution.

Download the James Brehm & Associates eBook, “Internet of Things (IoT) Managed Services,” to learn more about how managed services will enable successful deployments and business results.


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