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KORE Award-Winning Developer Portal for Full-Scale Application Creation, Management, and Automation

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Applications, software, cloud services, and development all have one thing in common – an API. This is a channel where data flows between different applications, and to the cloud. What facilitates the use of APIs and helps communication, development, and management, is a developer portal.

Developer portals connect developers to tools, documentation, and code examples enabling them to build client applications that interact with cloud services. Developer portals provide end-to-end, secure access for pairing ready-to-connect devices and global wireless networks through the API and to the client’s cloud services.

Is a Developer Portal Necessary?

Simply put, no. But APIs can be somewhat of a beast without it, especially if applications require integration of multiple APIs from several different sources. Unless the API being used is open source, the source code behind the API cannot be viewed. For developers, the only guide to the API available is documentation, which essentially is the user interface to the API. So no, a developer portal isn’t necessary, but it heightens the user experience and makes the API implementation richer and more robust.

Components of a Developer Portal

Content is king when it comes to a great developer portal. Knowing the how’s and why’s behind the API for full scope and use, as well as support documents aids in making the process of application build and management more seamless. Some of the key areas of content within a developer portal include:

  • Features and discovery
  • Reference documents
  • Sample Code
  • Implementation Guides
  • Security Management
  • Change logs

Rules Engines and Automation

The award-winning KORE Developer Portal allows customers to set rules and parameters, which will flag the customer when specific events happen, such as a change of state with their subscription or a usage alert for passing a threshold. This automation enables developers to automate logic within their applications and achieve a granular view of how their applications are performing. Instead of developers getting a text message or email when events occur, they’ll get an API call, which allows for instant reaction time.

The KORE Developer Portal

The KORE Developer Portal provides access to all the KORE platform APIs in a single self-service location. Users can access fully documented APIs with examples in multiple programming languages, live testing, and self-service capabilities such as whitelisting for enhanced security. With the KORE Developer Portal, you can stay up to date with all the latest updates to KORE APIs and much more.

The KORE Developer Portal brings together several key API sources, including:

  • ConnectivityProTM: The KORE Connection Management Platform
  • The KORE Management Platform for LoRa
  • SecurityProTM: The comprehensive device and network monitoring tool for the entire IoT ecosystem, which provides granular insight into device and network behaviors through rule-based monitoring.

The KORE Developer Portal is continuously adding new features and tools to make development as seamless as it should be. Want to learn more? Check out the portal and subscribe to updates, or watch the KORE Developer Portal Demo on-demand.

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