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KORE Joins Global Companies to Discuss Supply Chain Visibility and IoT

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KORE will be joining Reuters, Sony, Penske, and Thermo Fisher Scientific in a joint panel to discuss highly effective visibility in supply chains in its webinar “Reuters and KORE Present: Intelligent asset management throughout supply chain disruption.”

The webinar is November 10 and will discuss:

  • The key benefits of maximizing visibility and real-time status management of high-value goods in transit, with a focus on IoT enabled, data-rich asset monitoring to assist across inventory control, installation, and recovery.
  • How to minimize supply chain complexities most effectively in your operations and identify which steps must be taken by your business to manage and execute a comprehensive reduction in the processes
  • Understanding the specifics of details pertaining to new regulations and compliance requirements of critical asset monitoring that businesses must adhere to across supply chain and logistics operations to protect the company and shipments.

A High-Level Understanding of Asset Monitoring Benefits Before You Attend

Having the most information available leads to the best decisions made for maximum business outcomes. This is especially true in the assets and logistics industry. Many solutions on the market for streamlining supply chains only allow insight into certain elements of the supply chain, when what is needed is a singular, holistic solution that allows for robust data and high visibility from end-to-end.

IoT can enable these results through critical asset monitoring and provide the following benefits:

Mitigate Disruptions

A clearer view of the supply chain would mean a better understanding of supplier risk, which could potentially allow for a reduction in inventories. Additionally, high visibility distributes key knowledge amongst multiple owners, which helps reduce the risk of bottlenecks.

Enhanced Flexibility

Being nimble in supply chain management and logistics lends itself to being proactive, instead of reactive to avoid potential disruptions. It’s easier to act in advance of an issue rather than managing it after the issue has risen.

From a proactive angle, visibility and actionable data allows planning ahead of and further streamlining if you’re not always putting out fires. With high visibility, supply chain managers can see the big picture across many supply chains through reliable, relevant data. A system for sharing data and information with real-time visibility can provide the highest level of monitoring to keep the components of supply chain functioning at maximum level.

Not just simply real-time data, but all-time data which provides a greater opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t, and to make highly informed decisions to shift towards a more proactive logistics approach.

Faster Supply Chain, Increased Customer Service

No matter where you’re moving assets, being able to move them reliably, timely, and consistently will enhance your business success.

And by leveraging actionable data and visibility, supply chains can move more efficiently, thus faster.

KORE Critical Asset Monitoring is the Comprehensive Solution

The KORE Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) solution is an advanced, comprehensive solution to visualize and mitigate the risks associated with global, multi-modal supply chain operations. The solution allows early detection so customers can take action immediately and mitigate potential risks, as well as certify the integrity of the chain of custody for regulation, quality, and operational optimization.

CAM presents high dynamic estimated time of arrival predictions, including the ability to analyze location data and provide actionable insights, such as automatic way-point detection, route deviation, and shock detection

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