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Overcoming Obstacles with IoT Fleet Management

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Fleet managers face a myriad of complex challenges and are looking to IoT fleet management for help. In fact, the market for IoT fleet management solutions is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.26%, reaching $8.28 billion according to a report from Markets and Markets.

Operating efficient fleets always requires tracking vehicle and driver information, and using the data collected to make informed real-time business decisions. IoT fleet management technology can help companies overcome many of the challenges in today’s fleet industry, but getting started often feels overwhelming with so many different solutions available. By starting with one solution from experts in IoT fleet management, companies can improve driver safety, optimize routes, and efficiently manage vehicle maintenance.

Driver Safety

In-vehicle video technology allows fleet managers to improve safety and mitigate risk through driver behavior monitoring. Previously, widely adopted technology for driver management included monitoring driving behaviors such as harsh braking, accelerating, and sharp cornering. Now, AI technology powers the detection of certain types of unsafe driver behavior, including smoking, mobile device use, impaired driving, and fatigue. In-vehicle video solutions can also notify drivers of dangerous conditions through real-time in-cabin alerts, helping to avoid accidents.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

IoT fleet management solutions for stolen vehicle recovery include trackers with cellular and satellite connectivity, GPS, and location tracking software. This enables the real-time tracking, monitoring, and notification that is essential to recovering vehicles before they can be illegally sold, stripped for parts, or disposed of. Technology that can remotely disable vehicles can also be effective in mitigating vehicle theft.

Vehicle Maintenance

IoT fleet management solutions can be used to measure vehicle performance, helping to avoid costly breakdowns on the road. With preventative maintenance, fleet managers can schedule in advance and re-route as needed to avoid interruptions to operations. Diagnostic monitoring and notifications can automatically send a service request for repairs and maintenance.


Fleet managers need to increase vehicle utilization while reducing fuel, maintenance, and other operating costs. IoT fleet management from KORE helps by delivering GPS and fleet tracking systems to improve the productivity of vehicle fleets while keeping drivers safe, and starting with one solutions.

Check out the infographic, “Start with One Fleet Solution for Risk Insurance” to learn how
location-based services provide a unified, singular fleet solution that tackles some of the biggest challenges in the fleet industry.

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