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Three Benefits of Asset Monitoring

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Reliably tracking goods from points of production to storage and final delivery can help optimize your supply chain. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can provide package-level condition monitoring, location tracking, global connectivity, multi-carrier communications and tracking device certification. These benefits can instill confidence as high-value assets are moved across road, rail, air and sea. Real-time alerts like IoT tracking represent an industry that is expected to be $6.7 billion by 2028. Asset tracking and monitoring offer condition reporting of high-value assets by monitoring temperature, shock and tilt.

Reduce Risk

One of the issues in supply chain management is mitigating risks. Asset monitoring utilizing IoT can help manage this critical area in the following ways:

  • Security alerts that include container identification help control assets in transit by offering real-time notifications. These early detections of risks (events) can jeopardize the quality, integrity and security of the final product. However, having IoT solutions provides the required chain-of-custody documents that help mitigate the threat of damage, theft or loss.
  • Chain of custody management that includes regulation, quality, and operational optimization based on advanced trackers, sensors, algorithms, cloud services, and a suite of managed services. By having detailed, real-time insights and alerts into your supply chain, including route deviation, geo-fencing and detecting shock anomalies (e.g., route anomalies, late departures/arrivals, temperature deviations and more), saves time and money.

Accelerate Delivery

IoT solutions expedite deliveries comes and overcome a host of challenges that compromise process controls that prevent accountability by:

  • Continuously tracking chain-of-custody documents across road, rail, air and sea thereby mitigates threats associated with real-world factors that threaten conditions to promote on-budget and on-time delivery of goods.
  • IoT logistics helps you anticipate issues and offers the opportunity to troubleshoot delays in real time. IoT solutions expedite assets in transit by providing ongoing audits that offer insights that promote contiguous improvements and compliance initiatives.

Improve Efficiency

This improved tracking saves time and money by promoting security alerts and predicting potential problems. Additionally, IoT solutions also provide:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) location information as well as data monitoring, such as temperature, physical impacts and tampering that may occur anywhere around the world, can reduce the risks of loss and theft as you effectively track stocking locations to goods to their ultimate destinations.
  • By streamlining control, IoT solutions can preserve, protect and more effectively manage assets, compliance and costs with logistics that provide feedback. These results offer insights designed to improve audit performance and increase efficiencies. Preserving, protecting and managing the assets that matter most requires an advanced IoT logistics solution that can keep you aware of your assets from source to destination.

Gaining Control and Improving Operations

Preserving, protecting and managing the assets that matter most requires an advanced IoT logistics solution that can keep you informed from point of origin to destination. Having ongoing support allows you the information you need to improve processes, protect your assets and improve outcomes that make a real difference.

Learn more about how KORE’s IoT solutions can help you gain efficiencies for your organization. 

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