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KORE and VTS: A Future-proof IoT Partnership

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When it comes to launching an innovative new IoT solution, few things have the ability to either hinder or ensure the ongoing success of an initiative than selecting the wrong partner. Technology seemingly changes at the speed of light, and the Internet of Things is no exception. When the success of your business requires future proofing an IoT solution, the right technology partner will ensure you are not only always connected, but that you have the resources, support, and freedom to drive future innovations.

Selecting the Right Partner

The right IoT partner should not only be an IoT enabler but also a trusted adviser who knows where the industry is heading, and how to help you navigate it. Over a decade ago, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, or VTS, selected KORE as their IoT partner, allowing them to grow immensely through a growing suite of professional services.

Founded in 2002, VTS is a software company that helps fleet-driven organizations transform the way they make business decisions. Their proven expertise and a client-first approach help organizations scale their connected operations and drive ROI, with the KORE IoT partnership as the backbone of their solution.

VTS was originally in need of connectivity and carrier management beyond what mobile network operators were offering at the time. Because of their need for connectivity over a vast geographic area, selecting a single carrier to partner with wasn’t going to work for them at the time. Additionally, the carriers were less likely to work with companies like VTS back then, when there were fewer options for IoT connectivity.

Solutions and Services to Foster Growth

The ability of KORE to bring multiple carriers together in a single platform, with a single invoice, was exactly what VTS was looking for. Additionally, VTS’s exceptional software platform required a number of bespoke networking solutions, including VPN mesh connectivity from KORE data centers to VTS data centers, providing a secure connection for mobile device traffic and the redundancy needed for maintenance events or equipment upgrades.

Not only was KORE providing the connectivity services VTS needed, but they allowed VTS to focus on growth and innovations by effectively troubleshooting issues and providing enterprise-level solutions. This level of support enabled VTS to serve their customers better and stay ahead of the market.

As a true IoT partner and adviser, KORE also ensured that VTS stayed up to date with industry trends and changes, such as new cellular networks and upcoming sunsets. KORE helped VTS roadmap any changes and gave them the information needed to make good business decisions, ensuring a promising future.

As the landscape of IoT has changed over the past ten years, KORE and VTS have been able to leverage their partnership to foster mutual growth. Understanding the market and adapting to changing needs has ensured a successful partnership that drives innovation, ROI, and is poised to last the long haul.

Watch our full video with Vehicle Tracking Solutions to learn how partnering with KORE can help your IoT solution thrive as the industry evolves.

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