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Start with One Connection: Go Connect Powers Smart Travel with eSIM Technology

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The increased acceptance and adoption of remote work and digital learning has birthed a new generation of workers and students, those who prefer to live life on the road — the digital nomads. These travelers have a unique set of needs. They are both business travelers and tech-savvy families who rely on secure, high-speed WiFi for entertainment, work, and education.

WiFi and Cellular for Digital Nomads

Paul Pezzano, co-founder of Go Connect, learned first-hand how difficult it can be to stay connected while building his business requiring extensive travel. Following the sale of his company, he took to the road for a year of travel with his family. Staying in Airbnbs and hotels presented technology challenges, particularly in facilitating digital homeschooling on the road with his children, ages 9 and 1.

Understanding the technology needs of both business travelers and the traveling family, Paul identified the complexities of ensuring connectivity on the go. The need for connectivity has continued to grow — the average person each travels with 3-4 connected devices. This allowed Paul the opportunity to try a number of existing solutions as a business traveler while also ensuring they held up to the demands of remote learning on the road. What he quickly discovered is the existing market fell short of his needs and expectations. Devices were often too technical and too complicated.

All of this helped the Go Connect team develop the concept of smart travel WiFi devices. They proved to be easy to set up, secure, and able to power the connectivity needs for business, as well as access the online curriculum required to facilitate digital homeschooling for nomad families.

eSIM Technology for Streamlined Connectivity 

The team at Go Connect was drawn to how the KORE eSIM technology could enable their vision of smart technology making WiFi on the go easier and offering the best experience for their consumers. Taking the complexity out of Internet connectivity on the go, eSIM delivers the future-proofed, global, multi-networked connectivity they were looking for. Go Connect was able to leverage embedded connectivity for global coverage right out of the box, with advanced auto-provisioning capabilities that ensure their routers are always on the right network for their customers’ service needs.

Partnering to Simplify IoT Complexity

When it came to selecting the right IoT connectivity partner, the choice was clear for Go Connect. With nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of deploying IoT solutions with complete, global IoT management capabilities.

When combined with the carrier-agnostic eSIM technology offering, the team at Go Connect knew they would be getting next-generation connectivity from a global leader in IoT solutions. Partnering with a trusted adviser enabled Go Connect to focus on providing the best end-user experience possible, freeing digital nomads from their office and classroom desks.

KORE eSIM Technology Solutions 

KORE offers a single eSIM that can be deployed as either an embedded or removable card and can operate in a wide range of environments, as well as be programmed remotely based on GSMA eSIM specifications. KORE eSIM technology supports multiple carrier profiles and remote SIM provisioning, offering the most flexible, future-proof IoT connectivity solution available. 

To learn more about whether eSIM is the right choice for your IoT needs, download the ebook “eSIM 101: An Introduction to eSIM Technology for IoT.”

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